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Coffee and Chronic napping

I’ve been trying to combat my chronic need to nap at 6 pm every night. It’s become a serious issue. I cannot keep my eyes open at that time of day. If I am in the car, I have to slap myself to stay awake. If I am standing by a warm stove, cooking dinner, my head will start to bob. If God forbid I am sitting on the couch, its over. I am out for a trance-like 15 minute nap.

This has become a serious problem. I am groggy all evening. I leave the dishes in the sink. I sit with my head in my hands while LB takes her bath. I yawn through the bedtime stories and songs. I really can’t take it anymore. I get grumpy if my daughter refuses to lay down, because I don’t have the energy to walk her back to bed 10 times a night.

So I have started to combat my chronic sleepiness with a horrible solution. I now make a pot of coffee as soon as I get home. This allows me to get through dinner, bath time and bedtime without my 6 pm nap. This also allows me to have enough energy to put in a workout DVD after LB goes to bed. It even allows me to shower and read a book before I hit the pillows.

I know its bad. I know I should be able to find the energy to do all this on my own without the aid of coffee.  When I was in college I would stay at Denny’s all night, doing homework and drinking coffee. I became so immune to the effects of caffeine, I literally needed it in my system 24 hours a day in order to feel normal. I do NOT want this to happen again.

Daily exercise is supposed to give you more energy right? Theoretically, If I workout everyday I will eventually be able to eliminate both my 6 pm nap and night time coffee imbibing. So the coffee situation is only temporary, in order to get my body used to a daily exercise routine. Once I am fully engrossed in working out, I will nix the coffee. In addition, I will start Netflixing workout DVDs instead of movies, so I will not have an excuse to ditch aerobics for an evening of cookies, wine and Weeds.

Am I on crack to think this will work?

I blame the full moon.


15 thoughts on “Coffee and Chronic napping”

  1. Maybe its your blood pressure? So maybe you need to eat something around there rather than drink coffee??

    Excercise will help – well it should anyway ;o)

    GOOD LUCK!!!! It cant be fun at all! I have low blood pressure and feel like you do but then its very rarely at the same time!


  2. I think it will work too. I’ve also started taking a multivitamin by One a Day that has extra vitamins added for energy. It’s nothing bad for you, just extra vitamin B (I think that’s the right vitamin) to help you have extended energy. I’ve been taking it about two weeks and it has helped. It just might be something to try at least…good luck =) Oh and if you want to go walking or something after work, let me know, it would be lots of fun =)


  3. WTF? Jesus, am I the only one who just doesn’t care? I can’t make it through a day without coffee. Period. And there will be none of this omg is it bad for me crap, because without it not only would I die, but I would embrace death gladly; if no coffe, what would be the point? And there will be none of this rent workout vids form netflix. ALready I am up at 5:30 ish and in bed by, if all goes well, 11 ish. And even so I don’t have time. You are one crazy, crazy lady! Ha ha. I obviously have no good advice. Because I’m all like trying to figure out what is wrong with it. 🙂


  4. I have the same problem. I get so exhausted from about 6pm-7:30ish. Then, when I should be winding down for the evening, I suddenly have energy and I stay up half the night. And the cycle continues…

    I think exercise will probably help. It helps me. I’m trying to start up my exercise routine right now, but it takes me a few weeks to start feeling a difference.


  5. That’s a seriously ambitious plan. I refuse to give up caffeine, myself. I mean, I have to have one vice, right? 😉 Maybe you could just drink a lot of water. That’s always my answer to everything…maybe you just need more water. Heh.


  6. I have to tell you – I finally drug my lazy arse back to the gym after a year of slackin’ off and I come home BEAT. Like literally, I cannot wait for 10PM to come so I can sleep and god forbid I sit down because as soon as my butt hits anything soft I am in a half-coma. Right after a workout though I feel awesome! I am hoping that this passes as I get my energy level up. What I really think is that it’s important to eat food that will give you energy after a workout (which I suck at). Good luck with your routine and welcome to the work-out wagon hah!


  7. A workout is always a sure energy providing solution for me.
    It’s finding the time to work it into my night that’s the problem.
    If I could find time to work it in before my 6:00 slump I think I’d find it much more beneficial.
    Right now I do it before bed, which leaves me with too much energy to actually sleep.

    I just end up browsing blogs for another hour before I make it to bed… lol


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