single mom


Yeah. I just accidentally deleted all my posts back to August 14.


12 thoughts on “O.M.G”

  1. Oh no! I don’t feel so bad for just deleting one post now. That really sucks. I would be so mad!

    If it helps at all, I like your new header. LB is such a cutie. Hey, at least it’s Friday… (Yeah, I realize that doesn’t help much.)


  2. I hope this isn’t a bad sign, since the last day I talked to LB’s dad was August 14. Also, look at my Top Posts, its got blank spots where my most viewed ones don’t exist anymore..hahaha Crazy!


  3. Oh no! Man sometimes technology’s great but on the other hand…
    At least they’re still in our minds. I know this doesn’t help either.


  4. Bureaucracy blows camel balls. I hate that such a wonderful person like you is in the line of fire, you don’t deserve it. I send you all my support and positive vibes and hugs from deep in the heart of Texas!


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