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Did I really forget to post a title?

Ok, so the Oscar(s) goes to:

Auntie JL at Life with JL, She owns her own business. She works 6 days a week. She gardens. She hosts Bridal Showers. In her free time, she still manages to make a wedding scrapbook for her friend, teach scrapbooking classes, take care of two dogs and a guinea pig, keep up with her netflix, and update her blog on a consistent basis  (which includes reviewing all her netflix movies).

A new friend at  Eat, Play, Love. She’s a member of Mile High Mamas, and she has the most awesome picture as her blog header. Seriously, check it out. It makes me happy every time I see it. Representing the front range of Colorado, this Sagittarius mom has an evil, flower-mauling next door neighbor to deal with. She also has Walk Two Moons and Griffin and Sabineon her favorite book list, which are two of my favs as well.

Another blog I just discovered: Some Chick’s Blog, written by a woman whose parents were Meth addicts when she was a child. She has seen friends and family members lose their lives to this drug, and her blog is now dedicated to Methamphetamine awareness and recovery. Durango’s meth problemis small compared to other cities, but having witnessed the effects of meth addiction in past circles of friends and co-workers, I wholeheartedly support this blog’s cause. If you haven’t seen these ads, watch them now.

LIz at A Bright Future deserves this award automatically. Her blogging presence is indeed Brilliant. I indulge in her bright, shiny writing everyday now.

A friend I met in a different online community (gasp, a chat room), is a Midwest girl who traveled to the opposite end of the world, and now lives in Tokyo with her hubby and baby. Kassandra from Its A Sunny Day in Fuchu, to live in a foreign country where the most common question you hear is “Can you teach my baby English?”, you amaze me in your brilliant strength.

Lauren atMama Cum Laude is nominated for this award because she is furthering her own brilliance by being a single mom AND continuing to finish college. No dropping out. No, “I’ll think I’ll go back to get my Masters.” No taking time to “find herself.” She amazes me because its as if pregnancy was just another page in the book. Just a wrinkle in time. A ripple in the pond. No need to stop the course you were previously on, just alter your way of thinking a little. At 21, that is completely brilliant.

The very first medblog I ever read was when i was googling “breastfeeding”+”blog.” Up came Dr. Smak and her lament on her patents’ attitudes about breastfeeding. I was hooked immediately. Over the last year, she has struggled with her own personal hell: her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I don’t comment a lot on her blog, but I still read the updates on Henry. Dr. Smak, you are brilliant mom and a brilliant doctor.

P.S. Isn’t it funny how we used to get chain mail, then annoying “send this to three people” chain emails, and now we have chain blog awards. Except the blog awards are so much more fun.


13 thoughts on “Did I really forget to post a title?”

  1. P.S. Sorry I posted Jiji in her dress, I hope I didn’t steal your thunder. I was working on it and posted it before I read your blog. Yours will be awesome since they are the professional ones.


  2. Those are great blogs. We are on the tail end of BF here I believe. He has lost some interest and reaching down my shirt in public is a bit embarrassing but a great (albeit awkward) conversation starter.


  3. You’ve got me blushing! I don’t feel so shiny most days but appreciate the thought immensely.

    Hmmm…must now go think of witty/insightful/bright thing to talk about tomorrow.


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