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Tailgate Wedding

She cleans up well

Jiji and Grady’s wedding was a gorgeous, emotional, brilliant affair. The backup location was amazing. With Mesa Verde peeking out of one side of the horizon, and the La Plata Mountains lining the other side, I kept thinking about those fat Texans sitting pretty at Vallecito lake and the word that came to mind was… SUCKERS.

LB’s first flower girl experience My dad, who I recruited to help ward off any toddler outbreaks to The Darkside, was as useful to a single mom as hole is to a donut. He sat there in a beatnik trance, while my serene 2-year-old screamed “I WANT TO GO HOME!” in the middle of the ceremony. Yay. Even though I was a bridesmaid myself, I ended up holding the flower girl on my hip, while shedding a few tears with the bride, and clutching my bouquet. Yeah, I wonder if anyone could tell I was a single mom?

The Aunties

Other than that, the wedding was pure bliss. The food was incredible, I met tons of wonderful people, and LB even used the porta potty several times (a first!). Aunt Curmudge and JL were fabulous as always, looking drop-dead gorgeous in their dresses. The Bride wasn’t too shabby herself (professional pictures to come).

Other interesting developments over the weekend: Child Support Enforcement informed me that if they do not receive a substantial payment by the end of August, Ex-Rooferman will be held in contempt. That means 6 months+ of jail time. The Ex also ditched out on his Sunday visit with LB too (surprise, surprise).

I spy a cowboy hat.

Thanks to Shiona, who awarded me the Brilliant Weblog Award 🙂 I would give it back to her, cause I love her positive outlook, but apparently I have to find another 7 people to give it to!  So I’ll be racking my brain and have another post up shortly.

Today is Elementary Registration for the entire district. I’m currently staring at my phone with ugly anticipation, which will probably morph into complete abomination by 4:00 pm. At least I’m not AT an elementary school right now. My boss was kind enough to heed my pitiful request not to be at the school where Rooferman and Blondie will be registering her kids. Oh, P.S. her youngest daughter officially calls my Ex “Daddy” now. Yarf.


13 thoughts on “Tailgate Wedding”

  1. She looks beautiful! I actually got $$ from my ex following the girls’ visit. The first time in a YEAR. He called me afterwards. I think he expected me to thank him or something. Hah!


  2. She looks adorably cute.

    Why do women want their kids calling some other guy “Daddy”…I’ve never gotten that. Little B calls my new husband “Steppy”…or his name. Her choices.


  3. Shannon- Yeah, that would weird me out if LB started calling someone else daddy. I also wouldn’t let my new man MOVE IN with me from day one either. Talk about heartbreak for your kids if they ever break up.


  4. I kept checking all weekend for a wedding update!

    LB looked STUNNING and LOVE the blue bridesmaid dresses!!!!

    Gosh hope they manage to get the moola out of Mr Ex (or not cos the idea of my ex in jail is morbidly sadisticaly satisfying)


  5. Sneaking pictures of us when we aren’t looking 😉 I am wicked sunburned after our bridesmaid experience. My shoulders are toast. Oh well, it was well worth it. I can’t wait to see the pics. Oh and huge surprise the ex didn’t take LB Sunday, what an idiot. Anyways, talk to you soon. Love ya!


  6. How in the hell did you get so lucky that your CSS will acutally DO something? Here, well, nothing. No matter what I try or say or do, they come up with a million and one reasons why I have to be the one to find him and take him to court. If I could afford to DO that, I wouldn’t care about the damn CS anyway! Aargh. Yes, yes, yes, I am bitter. But the photos are lovely, and LB is so sweet.


  7. Kori- Its crazy how last week my case worker told me that they really can’t file contempt and be sucessful most of the time, however if I want to do all the work….yeah. Then all of a sudden they are actually enforcing something? 🙂 I was totally shocked.


  8. Glad to see CSS is doing something for you. The pictures you have up look great. We had to do that with my stepmom too. We sUre didn’t want to call her mom. Oh that whole registration thing does not sound fun. Glad you could get out of it. Hopefully yo’ll get some much needed moolah.


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