single mom

Pre-everything stress.

My work atmosphere has morphed from “tomb-like” to full-on, oh-my-god-school-is-starting-soon panic. Gone are the days of the silent phone, the empty office, the sweet mind-numbing solitude, the laid back chatter with shirtless guys from the Facilities department. We are coming up fast on back-to-school lists, registration, classroom setup, convocation, community forums, and the dreaded “First Day of School.”

The new Superintendent has jumped right into the Durango stew, with all the gusto of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. He’s only 37. That’s 11 years older than my lowly Administrative Assistant self, and he’s got a wife, 4 kids and he makes $150,000 a year. Makes me wonder where I’ll be in 11 years. Hopefully not still answering someone’s phone.

I’ve also been working on a post worthy of describing my best friend. She gets married this Friday on 08/08/08, and I want to give her some blog love. If my infernal modem stops blinking red, I may get that post up by tomorrow night, but I’m pretty sure it got toasted during last night’s electrical storm. In the meantime, check out JL’s post about our good friend.

The wedding is going to be fabulous, but its definitely putting a crimp on my bank account. LB’s flower girl dress was $40, as was the special halter bra I had to buy (to avoid playing the bridesmaid/accidental stripper role). Top that off with wine glasses and champagne, and I blew a copious amount of cash last weekend.

With rent getting jacked up $50 more a month, the embarrassing amount of money I overspent on text messaging, my daycare’s increased rates, gas prices, food prices (I don’t even want to know how much they are going to bill me for the damn boot), I’m starting feel the squeeze Liz was talking about.

My egg donation compensation is all tucked away in a CD account under LB’s name, so I don’t have that security blanket anymore. Its paycheck to paycheck once again. I have (rather proudly) maintained that I am able to take care of myself without the help of child support, but this month I really wish I had it. The ex Rooferman is definitely working, because his girlfriend stays home, and they have rent to pay. He also has 2 adult mouths, 2 kid mouths, and one pit bull mouth to feed.

Thank God I only have myself and a 2 year old to feed. LB also was approved for CHP+ again this year, which is probably the biggest thing to be thankful for. The health insurance offered through the school district is almost $800 a month for “Adult+Family.” Exsqueeze me? Yeah, No.

Since I got my $.50 raise for this next school year, I was deathly afraid of getting denied for CHP+,  which brings me to my next fear: I may no longer have my apartment. Since I’m already at 60% median income, anything more would push me over the limit. Even if 50 cents more an hour got me into the 61% bracket, I still would have to move out.  Yesterday my boss filled out the “Employment Verification” form and faxed it back to my Property Manager. Now I’m just waiting to get the call.

Currently, Durango is facing one of the most stringent rental markets ever. During the summer, I received several emails from incoming teachers who were desperate to find a place to live. Its now August and some of these teachers are still homeless. If a squeaky clean Kindergarten teacher can’t find a place to live, who is going to rent to a broke, 20-something single mom? I may just be over-dramatizing, but I would rather prepare myself for the worst.

So this week brings stress, tension but also incredible joy.

Life, why you gotta be like that? 😛


13 thoughts on “Pre-everything stress.”

  1. I hear you on the money thing! I have 2 weeks till pay day and have am cents away from a 0 balance in my account *sigh*

    The apartment thing must be a bit of a worry – so holding thumbs you get to stay!!


  2. I hate money. Wait. I hate NOT having money. I’m definitely feeling you on wishing for CS this month.

    Keep your head up, from another Single Mom!


  3. It’s so dumb how they don’t (or at least don’t seem to) take extenuating circumstances into account, like being a single mom with daycare and medical expenses and etc etc etc. Erf. Good luck, babe!


  4. I think that is the point-to SEE the joy amidst the shit. Seems like you are able to do that at least for today; and know if I had to cash, you would SO be in line to get it! 🙂


  5. Ugh! I hate the ‘squeeze’! It comes a couple of times a year, thankfully the times in between I can tuck a few dollars away and save for just that ‘squeeze’ time. When I DO manage to receive child support, it goes directly to bills or savings etc…some of them I even over pay so the next month’s bill don’t scare me!


  6. Good news is that wages in Durango are all going up a little because of the minimum wage increase nationwide, which means even with your raise, you’re probably still within the 60%.


  7. Also, Advocacy for La Plata over above United Blood Services in BoDo can help you work on those child support issues if you decide to go that route. Might not hurt.


  8. I’m currently avoiding looking at my checking account balance until after I get paid tomorrow. Clearly, we’re all feeling it, but why is that not giving me comfort?
    Good luck, and keep us posted!


  9. I have to admit that I have been browsing your blog ever since you stopped by mine and I must say it’s awesome. I can relate to so much of what you are talking about! Good luck with everything and by the way – thanks for the blog roll link, mucho appreciado!


  10. This is a part of life like you said. I hope everything works out for you! I hate feeling the “squeeze” as well. Sending well wishes your way.


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