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Deadbeat August

I agreed to let the Ex have his daughter for an overnight this weekend. He’s only done 2 in the last year, so I figured I would acquiesce his request. 32 hours later, LB came home looking like a war orphan. She had a glue of Oreos and ice cream embedded in her hair. Her face was smudged with dirt and food. She was wearing the same pair of clothes I sent her in, except now they are soaked in urine and feces. She has a scab on her knee, and is in the worst possible mood a toddler could muster. She probably had gone to the dark side about 3 hours before he dropped her off, and I was getting the glorious culmination of a dirty, smelly, hungry, exhausted 2 year old.

His response when I asked if she had eaten anything for dinner?

“Oh yeah, she had a corn dog.”

MutherF***er.  He dropped her off 2 hours late, and couldn’t even pick her up himself. I got to deal with Blondie the girlfriend instead. When LB said “I want my daddy,” she replied tartly, “Well your daddy is late, cause that’s just what he does.”‘

 OOOOH snap. Welcome to my world, Honey. And it wasn’t even ME bad-mouthing LB’s dad in front of her. I like her more everyday.

Him? Well, he can just continue to keep shooting himself in the foot. I took pictures of her filthy state, her disgusting clothes. I also have about 15 or so witnesses, cause you know, its the projects and we air-condition-less folks hang out on the front porch concrete slab when its 90 degrees.

What a crappy way to end an otherwise perfectly awesome weekend.

How was your weekend? Are you glad its August?


20 thoughts on “Deadbeat August”

  1. I swear I can’t BELIEVE him. Seriously, what the hell? The aunties are gonna go have to hunt him down for you 😉 I’m sorry your weekend had to end that way. Oh and I wrote as you requested on my blog =)You are the blog leader after all. Hope your day is better, love ya!


  2. So sorry to hear that he did that to her and you! Very good thinking of you to document it so that down the road you’ll have all the proof you need…whatever may happen.


  3. Oh wow! I can’t even believe that. Well at least you documented everything but I’m sorry LB had to go through that. Some people!


  4. Sounds horrible. Seems like he doesn’t have a shot for another night.

    I have to admit when my husband is in charge the girls tend to get a layer of dirt on them beyond imaginable, I don’t quite get it. But he is also in charge of bathtime, so it all works out.


  5. Thanks for coming by to say hi. I’m so sorry about what happened with your daughter. My favorite line is “One time, one time only.” Fat effing chance of him getting his little girl again, no? Good move with the documentation. Smart.


  6. Good heavens! I actually have no words! What a total morone! I mean how hard is it to bath a child? Or even feed them?

    Sorry LB had to go through that though! Dumbass!!!!!!


  7. Your post reiterates why I fight so hard to delay overnight visits. Sure, every kid needs their dad but at what price? Sitting in their own waste? Not eating a normal meal? Not getting a bath?

    Where’s the stupid stick when you need to beat someone?


  8. Idiot deadbeat dads who are only driven to have their biological children near them on certain occasions when some drunken moment reminds them that these little carriers of their DNA might constitute some badge of manhood…. Of course once they get them home all the glory fades into responsibility and the void where love is supposed to be.. And the kids get shelved – as all trophies do.

    Er is my bitterness showing?

    You know I am aware that there are exceptions — there are always exceptions — but as a rule absentee dads just plain suck and add absolutely nothing of value to a child’s life.

    I’m SO sorry. Hugs to you and LB.


  9. Thanks for all your support everyone. Its hard, since I’ve heard so many horror stories about “withholding visitation” from the dad, and how you could end up losing custody over it. It pisses me off how “the best interest of the child” really just means giving the loser dad every chance in the world to screw up your kid, while you are called a bitch if you don’t think he’s doing the right thing.

    Sorry, is my bitterness showing? 🙂


  10. Hon, you are such a good mom, and LB knows it and so does everyone else. Her deadbeat dad is obviously irresponsible and neglectful, and all I can say is thank god he doesn’t have custody. It may actually be best for LB to spend a few miserable overnights, so that she 1) won’t feel like you won’t let her see her dad and 2) will remember why she doesn’t want to live with him. After all, an overnight is just one night, thank goodness. You’re doing a great job, I’m so in awe of you. Keep it up =)


  11. Behind on my reader again, sorry. 🙂 But on the bright side, did LB have fun? Cause ‘hey, that’s what the non-custodials are for…the unadulterated corn-dog for dinner fun. And he doesn’t have her much, so it’s a rare occurence. As long as she had a fun time. I hear you though it’s so annoying, now that B’s been nine, and her Daddy and I have been split for about six years I have just accepted in the last couple years that he is just THAT GUY. They won’t change. And hey, our girls have one stellar parent and that’s more than some people ever get. 🙂


  12. Oh honey…your poor little princess….but GOOD FOR YOU FOR TAKING PICTURES!!!! I still keep ever single e-mail etc from my x. Any and all proof is GREAT proof!



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