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Baby to Kid

Everyday LB learns something new. She has learned how to put her feetin the corresponding leg hole of her undies, and for the most part, can successfully pull them up without giving herself the wedgie from hell. For those of you without toddlers, I know this sounds like peanuts, but trust me, we have been through 6 months of trial and errorbefore this momentous achievement took place.

They say the defininition of patience is watching someone else sweep. I say, try watching a toddler put her underwear on correctly. Then watch toddler go to the dark side.

Watching your kid learn how to do something new has got to be one of the best things about being a parent. Its also one of the hardest things: resisting the urge to just do it for them. When LB was learning how to put her undies on, I literally had to leave the room, because it was almost an automatic reaction for my hand to shoot out and direct her foot into the right leg hole. So I finally just set the undies down on the floor and let her handle it. Most of the time she would come into my room with the undies up around her waist, both legs through one single hole. We would fix it and the same thing would happen next time.

Its crazy, cause you do EVERYTHING for your baby during its first year of life. You feed it, you change it, you put it to sleep. Without your daily intervention, it would not survive. Then one day BOTH of you have to make a complete 360 degree reversal, where your child realizes its not the center of the world anymore and you have to restrain yourself from doing everything for it.

The joke is totally on us, and someone has a real sick sense of humor.

Remember everything you learned during your baby’s first year of life? Oh yeah, those long hours of care and feeding are completely useless now, you’re gonna have to start from scratch again.

*Flips Mother Nature The Bird*

I know I’m still just a rookie mom. I have yet to experience the horrors of rewiring my brain for the secret lives of teen girls, and teaching my daughter how to drive a car, but this transition from baby to kid is so insanely awesome yet frighteningly hard. Seeing LB play with her dolls is so delightful, I could watch her for hours. Dragging a screaming LB while gimping on one leg and simultaneously dropping the contents of your heinous purse in the street; definitely worth a few angry tears.

Yesterday as I my daughter sprinted down the sidewalk towards the open road, with me frantically hopping in my ortho-boot after her, one of the project girls looks at me and said “Does she EVER listen to you?” I really wanted to tell her where to go, but I was busy trying to prevent a major toddler disaster.  The timeout situation that followed was not pretty.

Later, as I was putting LB to bed for the 5th time, she says to me, “Kiss, Mommy, Kiss?” Its the first time she’s asked for a bedtime kiss.

Did I mention how much I love watching her do new things?


13 thoughts on “Baby to Kid”

  1. LB is adorable. I know how you feel. J never wants mommy to hold him anymore he just wants to explore. I don’t know how I’m going to resist the urge to help him as he learns new things. I hope your ankle gets better soon.


  2. Just wait till you are watching her roll her eyes at everything you say..hahaha or talking on the phone for hours killing them all in the house so you can’t use them for two mins! I love it when they are little well most of it, running on to the road ( not so much) and a few other things but mostly it’s great!


  3. It is amazing to watch them grow and change. Porgie is also becoming a very independent little creature. We went out to eat the other night, and she had to sit in a regular chair – not a highchair. And she had to drink out of a regular cup – not a sippy cup. It is adorable, but also a little frustrating.


  4. Being a mother is one of the most conflicting things EVER!!!!

    I am going through a HUGE transition now with my son – he starts big school next year and I am not dealing too well with it all!

    LOL I also get asked “do they actually listen” too!


  5. B is nine and it’s amazing how much her own person she is…and she definitely doesn’t need me so much anymore. Well, actually she does. But she just needs me DIFFERENTLY. It’s all fun, I promise.


  6. THANK YOU for the way you put it. That is so right. Must admit I haven’t had to watch Shou put on his undies yet – not far away though, he did his first pee in his potty today at home – at kindy it has been going on for weeks!! God, the things we rave over now. Kids are our life I guess. Thank you for visiting us. I will try and read more of your posts to catch up 🙂


  7. So sweet! Yep, those mini-milestones are a way to a mommie’s heart!

    Littleman still amazes me everyday with new things…and I sit back amazed and proud…


  8. It is so cool to see them transform from a baby to a kid before your very eyes! And for the record…you’re well past the rookie-mom stage! 😉


  9. Oh, man, here it is getting the shirt on and off; Owen is firm on doing both himslef, and has sometimes ended up looking like he is in a straightjacket-but so proud!


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