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What idiots do on a three day weekend

Step One: Get motivated to go on a hike.

Step Two: Put Toddler into backpack.

Step Three: Slide into street shoes which are so old and worn that they no longer require tying and untying. They have molded to the shape of your foot.

Step Four: Hoist 30+ pound toddler/backpack onto car bumper. 

Step Five. Twist spine into position where backpack can slide onto shoulders while beings supported by car. (Baby Backpacks are so NOT single parent friendly).

Step Six: Trip over rock while avoiding trail-side squatters as they sic their Boxer on you.

Step Seven: Wake up the next morning and realize you cannot put weight on your right foot without severe ouchness.

Step EIght: Spend the morning of your “Day off” from being a single mom at Urgent Care while Doctor stares at your boobs and sympathetically pats your shoulder, saying “Looks like you rolled your ankle.”

Step Nine: Get fitted with “The Boot” (pictured above).

Step Ten: Doctor hands you his number and says call me in a week if you still feel any pain.

Step Nine: Cry because the day has arrived: You can no longer outrun your toddler.

Christ. I live in Colorado and I do not own hiking boots. I guess I need to learn everything the hard way.  Lesson learned: Just cause you are a single mom does not mean you are invincible. It does not mean you can casually stroll down a 5% grade trail in partially decomposed street shoes with 30 lbs of weight on your back and come out smiling in the end.

I guess its that time of the year again. At least this time I don’t have type with a splint on my wrist.


10 thoughts on “What idiots do on a three day weekend”

  1. Hope your feeling better =) It was great seeing you and Jiji yesterday. Do you want to do dinner one night this week, I’ll try to get Curmudge rounded up too so we can talk about Jiji’s shower? Talk to ya soon.


  2. Man, I hate hiking packs. Get yourself an ergo. They’re pricey so make someone buy one for you. So much easier to get into (especially with a toddler who can hop right onto your back) albeit rather sweaty.

    Hope your foot’s better soon.


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