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Flat Iron Christmas

Guess what came in the mail last night, complete with its own snazzy metallic shoebox and sleek carrying case? Ooh its so pretty, and doesn’t fry the crap out of my head like the toaster-like hair straightener I owned in college. Ah Memories of burning hair. Add that to the ever-present aroma of microwave popcorn and sex, and boy oh boy did I love coming home to the dorms.

LB keeps saying “DO MY HAIR! DO MY HAIR!” Poor child. Maybe by the time her senior prom rolls around we can share a bonding flat iron moment. Until then, she might as well belong to Hairclub for Men.

Thank you so much for the amazing present, Ms. Single Santa Mama. The 30 day lapse between winning the award and special delivery only made this whole thing even sweeter. WOO HOO!


9 thoughts on “Flat Iron Christmas”

  1. Congratulations! I don’t even know how to use one but my daughter does, so there have been moments where I have to ask her to do MY hair; LB’s turn will come.


  2. Yea! Poor LB though, I guess she’ll have to stick to her headbands and barettes for awhile. Maybe we can get some cute stuff at Claires of we all go accessorie shopping. Have a good day!


  3. I’m so jealous PH. 😉 I totally wanted that. LB will be very happy when she gets to use it. I’m sure her hair will come flowing on it in any time.
    Your entry completely deserved that flat iron. It captured a fear we all have/had.


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