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Pay it forward

 For Karmatee

I would like to pass on the love to another fellow Durango blogger, who truly is amazing. I know she values her anonymity, so I won’t go into too much detail, but lets just say she is under 30 years old, and is already the president of a local non-profit agency. She and I both have shared the experience of going to Media-crazed colleges, getting our hearts broken, and hiking McElmo canyon. Her blog is smart, funny and insightful. We live in the same town and we’ve never even met! Here’s to you, Karma.

ForJL and her crafty, bustling small business blog “Life with JL”

Littlemansmomhanded this creativity award to a bunch of bloggers, and I think I owe it to JL to award her as well. She gardens, she bakes, she scrapbooks, she organizes. She is also under 30 and owns her own business (see shameless advertising). She is hosting the Bridal Shower for Jiji in a few weeks, and managed to find a kick-ass bridesmaid dress in the sad little world of the Farmington Mall. Thanks for being the great friend you are, and a constant inspiration as a female business owner.


4 thoughts on “Pay it forward”

  1. Awww… You have no idea how much I needed the smile you just gave me! Thanks, Lady! You know, we really should hang out sometime. Am I meant to pass on the E now?


  2. Thanks you so much =) You rock. The Nook appreciates your shameless advertising. Speaking of Jiji’s shower, we should probably get together and decide what all we want to do. See you soon and mucho love!


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