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The Heart of Summer

Ok, I know I should have taken my camera to the hot springs for LB’s day o’ swimming, but honestly I don’t know how I would have managed to hold onto a slippery toddler and take our picture without completely water logging the camera. I promise I will have a game plan for next time, cause it was such a blast. We spent almost 3 hours in the water. Near the end, my 2-year-old was getting so confident in her tadpole-like swimming skills, she starting saying “Let go mommy, let go!” Um…

LB has also befriended a 6-year old who lives at the end of our row at the apartment complex. Ok, maybe befriended isn’t the right word. Basically the little girl came knocking on our door and said to me “Does LB have a lot of toys?” Um….why don’t you see for yourself? After checking with her mom, I became host to LB’s first “play date” with an older kid. SO WEIRD. I’m used to babies and toddlers. They have fairly simple questions and don’t say things like “Wow I think you need to clean your bedroom.” Yes. I was shamed by a 6-year old this weekend.  But damn….LB followed this kid around like a puppy ALL MORNING. I actually got to read some Single Mom Seeking while they tried on all my shoes and played in the mini-kitchen. Is this why people have more than one child? I TOTALLY GET IT NOW!

In ex-fiance news, I swear I had hallucinations this week. As I was driving home from watching The Dark Knight(yeah it was orgasmic..I’ll have to blog about it later), I saw a shirtless dude standing on the side of the Hwy holding a cardboard sign. As I got closer I started squinting, trying to see what the sign said, and I got a wierd feeling in the pit of my stomach. That dude looked wicked familiar. There was also a girl sitting in the dirt next to him. Weirder feeling. As I got to the point where I would have been able to positively identify him, the dude turns away really quickly, hides his face and his sign. WTF?! I actually called some of my friends to see if they would drive by the spot and see if it was my Ex. No luck, but MAN….totally sketch, huh?

The next day I saw him driving in his shop truck, so the whole “side of the road” situation didn’t really make sense, but you never know with him. He could be flying a magic carpet to Denver one day and then be stranded in the middle of the New Mexico Desert the next. I didn’t get a call until 8:45 pm Saturday night, finally wanting to set up visitation for Sunday. I didn’t really want to come out and ask if he was the shirtless guy holding a cardboard box sign the other night, so the mystery will probably never be solved. I’m really not a stalker, I promise.

Visitation went well, though I still get kind of nauseous/infuriated whenever he and his girlfriend tell her kids to give their “sister” a hug goodbye. The girlfriend also kisses LB goodbye and its like a dead weight in my stomach. I wonder if I will ever get over this. At least its almost bearable now. His girlfriend did introduce her father to me, which was big of her, I guess. They also tell LB to call her father “Papa”, so now apparently she has 3 grandpas. I really can’t even wrap my head around what LB must be thinking. How can a 25 month old really understand any of this dysfunction?

Went on a killer hike while LB was with her dad. I usually do something extremely physical when she’s with him, cause it helps to release the stress and other conflicting emotions I really haven’t figured out yet. Usually I just clean my house like I’m on speed, but yesterday I had to get out. Today I majorly hurt. My calves hurt. My ankles hurt. Even my WRISTS hurt. I’m thinking of making it a weekly ritual in self-torture. Should build some character, right?

I’m also checking my mailbox obsessively for my flat iron. I’m gonna look hot for Jiji’s wedding. Speaking of hot, my next door 22-year-old single mom neighbor asked me if was interested in meeting someone, and I said “Does he have a job?” Apparently the rude-o-meter was off on both our parts because she countered with “He thinks you’re hot. He likes big boobs.”

I think she’s trying to hook me up because I paid $35 for her cab ride the night her boyfriend broke up with her. He moved out, took everything with him, including the car they had been sharing. She had no way to get to work, or pick up her daughter. It was late at night, she was crying and it was pouring outside.

Did I mention I am a Pisces and I have “sucker” stamped on my forehead at all times? Maybe I’m riding the “Single Moms Stick together” horse a little too hard. And since she actually depends on her child support payments, I have yet to see the money again. Hey if she can get me laid, I guess that’s enough payback.



6 thoughts on “The Heart of Summer”

  1. Oh, amn, I totally recognnize those feelings you are talking about, regarding the ex and the girlfriend…and I hate that any of us have to go through it. I also enjoy (?) cleaning the house obsessivley when O. goes with his dad, but there is also the pleasure of snapping at the other three kids as well. Take it where you can get it, right?


  2. When the day comes where Anna’s dad gets a girlfriend (or gets married, or whatever), I don’t think I could handle it as well as you! I’d be like, “Oh no you didn’t, bitch!” Or, something like that…

    My sister saw The Dark Knight and loved it. I guess I should get my butt to the theater soon to see it.


  3. Gotta love neighbors =) You will look awesome for Jiji’s wedding, the dress you have will guarantee that. I actually need to go accessorize for the wedding and decide how to fix the hair for the day. Maybe we should have another girls say out to our mall for accessories?? Anyways, no killing yourself while hiking! Love you!


  4. I think your neighbour is vey lucky to live by someone like you…. and no matter whether your flat iron comes through or not, you will still look’re YOU!


  5. I think my reaction if I ever meet my ex’s girlfriend would be pity for her. But I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon – living on the opposite sides of the state really helps.

    I love that you were there for your neighbor. Go for it so I can be insanely jealous of your sex life!


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