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Quote Correction

I just wanted to reassure all you single mommies that the ACTUAL Lilo & Stitch quote is

“This is my family. It’s little and broken, but still good.”

For some reason, my selective memory only picked up on the “broken” part. 

P.S. I also finished Single Mom Seeking, and she picked up on the single parenting in Toy Story  before I did, so no credit for me…:P


2 thoughts on “Quote Correction”

  1. Response to your comment on my blog: pfft never. I’m not a big camper and now that Branden and I both have regular weekday jobs and no vacation time built up, the prospects of me coming down to Durango at all, let alone to go camping, are slim. I’ve been hearing about it from my parents too, trust me. >_<

    Yeah I’ve been kinda emo lately but I think it’s getting better. At least I don’t have the constant burning desire to smoke anymore. I call that a plus. (And, for the record, except for a very brief period in 2001, I’ve never been a smoker.)


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