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I was trying to fix my widgets, and I ended up reverting back to my old blog layout. I’ve been desk surfing the past two weeks, trying to help people fill in the cracks before everyone goes postal on Convocation. Of course people want to use their vacation time in the summer, but I swear they just end up stressing about the first day of school and all the things that need to happen before that fateful day.

Since I’m a single mom who used up much of her vacation time at home with a pukey toddler this summer, I’m happy to fill in wherever I’m needed. Also lets me re-up my brownie points and dazzle every department who needs me. So I’ve scanned records, graduated kids, moved furniture, sorted and tested keys (hellish), and now I sit on the front lines of the Administration (scary) and wait for the grenades to be thrown. I’m REALLY catching up on my gossip, let me tell you, YE GADS.

Since I’m not at my desk, I can’t upload my pretty “Rainbow over Ouray” header, but don’t worry. It will be back soon. While I’m dodging bullets, here’s a little info on the quaint mountain town, they call the “Switzerland of America.” Um Yeah. You see a lot of THESE building up there.

The town was named after the Ute Tribal Leader, Chief Ouray, but I guess “The Switzerland of America” just looked better on travel brochures.

Gotta love Colorado.

P.S. Click Here for my favorite hippie hangout, just past Ouray’s city limits. 😉


2 thoughts on “Oops.”

  1. I have never seen this version of the blog, so I like it; I want to know how to get these clean, fresh looks! And yeah, brownie points are THE bast; I have been at htis job for over four years now and this is the first time I have ever been able to use my vacation for an acutla vacation-sick kids, doctor visits, etc…


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