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Feel the love

Single Working Mommy gave me major kudos on her blog! Thanks for boosting the ego of my little bloglet. Since I only think in movie quotes, I immediately flashed to this scene in “A Christmas Story”

“Its a major award! That’s what it is!”

So thanks SWM, you rock. I couldn’t happier if the big happy “E” in my sidebar were really a big fake leg lamp (hence the geeky tribute). I also was exposed to another Cost of Living blog via my name link on your post. Amazing how you learn something new everyday! I will be racking my brain as to who I shall pass this award onto next.

P.S. My mother thinks a “Christmas Story” is a perfect example of the family dynamic of the abusive father and the beaten housewife. Lets just say the annual “24 hours of a Christmas Story” on TBS isn’t as enjoyable with feminist commentary running in the background. *Sigh*


6 thoughts on “Feel the love”

  1. Congrats on the award =) Your blog does rock. I loved the Lilo & Stitch entry. I totally agree with Jiji, it is the Disney movie that shows the American family best. It probably means so much to LB because it does remind her of your family. Anyways, love you both!


  2. WOOHOO! Congrats to you!!!!!! Well Deserved!

    PS…I happen to ADORE That movie…Oh the anticipation of receiving that award….Oh the anticipation of the Red Rider BB Gun….OH NO that bunny suit! LOL


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