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What you learn during a 3 day weekend

  1. LB now climbs on my lap when she wants to watch Lilo & Stich (I’m going to blog about the importance of this movie later this week…Yeah I’m an ex-film major nerd) instead of standing with her face pressed to the screen.
  2. She says “Hug me mommy!”
  3. She hasn’t quite figured out reflexive verbs, so “I want you to carry me” is “I want to keeee you” (I used to think she was saying” I want to KILL you”)
  4. One hike, one long walk, and one trip to the mall in 90 degree weather really makes you feel… NOT 26.
  5. I’m starting to regret telling my daughter that her daddy is coming to see her (since he has bailed twice in the last week). Since I mentioned it on Saturday, she hasn’t stopped asking me when he is coming, and I feel like I’m lying to her.
  6. Mel Gibson has a sh**load of money to spend on his movies. I watched Apocalypto (yeah, I know its like 2 years old) last night, and DAMN, I swear half of the 3 hours was in slow-motion (I’ll blog about this later).
  7. I can’t wait for my flat iron to ship this Friday.
  8. I can’t wait for LB and me to get all dressed up for Jiji’s wedding on 8-8-8
  9. I really wish I had Photoshop, so the Scrapbook Nook button wouldn’t look like it was made in a high school graphics class.
  10. The New Yorker is not funny.

9 thoughts on “What you learn during a 3 day weekend”

  1. Oo oo oo! Yvonne used to point at Dave and say “KEE!!” And I swear we spent almost an entire year thinking she wanted him dead (especially because she was pretty darned irritated by the time she resorted to screaming it). Our poor children. LB is so lucky you’re 100x more observant than we are.


  2. OMG thank God I’m not the only parent who thinks their kid wants to kill them. And yeah, it only happened when she was upset. I thought I was gonna get an ulcer from it.


  3. Son still refers to himself in the third person. And it’s starting to freak me out. His third person NN, no less, which is QUITE odd. I don’t think people have a CLUE what he’s saying half the time. “Pick Son’s NN up?” “Carry Son’s NN?” “Son’s NN running!”

    Also, I LOL’d at your lack of photoshop/scrapbook nook thing.

    ALSO. When I was playing on the playground with Son this weekend, I took this gigantor step upward for some reason. And messed up my hip sort of. I told someone and they called me out of shape. THANKS.


  4. Lauren- That’s Ouray, Colorado, one of the most beautiful places in America. My mom took that picture.

    SWM- Ouch to the hip and the “out of shape” comment. LB hardly ever refers to herself in the third person, she’s too fond of the words MINE and ME. Ugh.

    Cass- Ditto!

    Mommypie- I’ll blog about the trauma of Apocalytpo soon 🙂


  5. First of all….I’m LOVING the new look! Very sophisticated!!

    I never told my littleman if his father was coming to visit or not unless he specifically asked (which never happen until he was older). I couldn’t stand the look of disappointment on his little face when X didn’t show (which was most of the time…X saw littleman 9 times last year….9 times for 2-3 hours max!!!) Anyways, if I didn’t mention a possible visit and one did happen, it was a bonus, if it didn’t he wasn’t expecting it and therefore he wasn’t disappointed.

    *Hugs* sweetling!


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