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Why 4 Tens are worth it

Since LB is now a pro at climbing into my bed, I was greeted with a “wake up mommy” this morning at 7:30 am. Certainly beats the alarm going off at 5:30 am, unless the toddler turns on the alarm anyway after her attempts to wake you have failed.

Things I got to do today that I usually miss during normal working hours:

  • Went on a nice 2 hour hike.

  • Shared a smoothie with my daughter.
  • Went swimming at the hot springs.
  • Watched the rain fall outside my window. Smelled the rain.
  • Upgraded my phone to one that doesn’t have BBQ Sauce or peanut butter residue in it.
  • Made spaghetti sauce from scratch.
  • Checked out hot guys at the grocery store.
  • Hung out with my mom.
  • Got to hear people tell me how much my daughter looks like me.

 I really wish I was a stay at home mom on days like this. I even took a shower, did laundry and ran a load of dishes, all while my daughter was awake! My Ex used to call me a “hack” cause he always thought I sat at home picking my ass all day.

Too bad he never stuck around to see what I was capable of doing.


8 thoughts on “Why 4 Tens are worth it”

  1. Awww… you and your daughter are beautiful! And I agree with Anna… I couldn’t get much done in a week. Heck, I couldn’t get that much done in a month.

    Your ex is missing out. Big time. But we already knew that, eh?


  2. Aw, you and your daughter are so pretty!

    And I wish I could easily take my son hiking, but I live right smack dab in the middle of an army town… it’s kind of big here, and there’s not really that much open nature space anymore because all of it is bulldozed to make more room for buildings. 😦


  3. I agree with SMS, that backpack really reminds me of putting B in hers in the winter and snowshoeing around our old house through the woods. She always fell asleep.
    Seriously, you two are gorgeous! Those eyes! And with the productivity, you are one hot mama. 😉 Hack. Ugh. They really don’t get it.


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