colorado, single mom

More updates

  • Speedometer now works (Electrical, huh? MORON!)
  • Rent is being increased by $50
  • Went to doctor this morning to diagnose previous week of nausea/headaches/fatigue
  • Property Manager said she smelled gas during my Apartment inspection.
  • Had potential gas leak checked out. No Gas Leak (Thanks for scaring the CRAP out of me LADY!)
  • Checking for Carbon Monoxide tonight.
  • Doctor isn’t concerned with possible brain tumor, though she did ask numerous times if I was SURE I wasn’t pregnant (I guess I just look like the pregnant type). Nausea/Headaches apparently can be caused by “stress” as well. Oh really?
  • the Ex said he wanted to see his daughter for a birthday sleepover. His birthday was on Monday. Have we heard from him? Take a wild guess.
  • Habitat for Humanity application officially in process.
  • Gas leak checker-outer was NOT cute (sigh).
  • Thunder set off numerous car alarms today.
  • Webcammed with two hot black dudes on Yahoo last night. The white dudes kept telling me to show my tits. The black dudes told them where to go. 🙂 Word.

2 thoughts on “More updates”

  1. Sorry about the headaches and all that crappy stuff =( I will have you questionaire back to you for housing, woohoo! Anyways, sorry about all the drama, I think we need to go get a marg and have some girls night fun. Jiji said she was without a man sometime this week, so we need to do something fun.
    Love you and good luck with everything!


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