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Car and Scrabble Updates

Update #1: Car is fixed. Used major brownie/guilt points on the Ex-would-have-been-father-in-law (LB’s other grandpa), who also happens to be Ex-Hells-Angels-Found-Jesus-Mechanic. Since he likes me more than his own son, and everyone in a 50 mile radius loves my daughter, he fixed my beater and only charged me for the parts.

A whopping $20 to swap out the battery and clean the nasty corrosion off the inside of the cables leading to the alternator. Car starts like a dream now. If I knew anything about cars, I probably would have been able to fix it myself, but I have other talents.


Issue #1: Speedometer doesn’t work now. I think the sudden shutdown of power while I was cruising down the highway, caused some kind of electrical spasm and my speedometer didn’t recover. Though I could just be making sh** up. I drive a stick shift , so I have a pretty good idea of how fast I’m going, so this doesn’t really pose much of an immediate problem. Have I mentioned how good a procrastinator I am?

Update#2: Singles Scrabble Night IS CANCELLED! Apparently you had to register for it ahead of time and they didn’t get enough entries. I didn’t realize it was so organized. i figured there would be a bunch of random scrabble boards set up with people mingling and eating lil’ Smokies. They ARE having another Scrabble Night in September though, and its TEAM Scrabble. JL has agreed to be my English Major partner in ass-kickage this time around, so THERE WILL BE A BLOG ENTRY IN SEPTEMBER!

Update#3: Day 2 of no potty accidents and ice cream for dinner!


6 thoughts on “Car and Scrabble Updates”

  1. Glad to hear your car is up and running again. Unless your speedo is electronic it is probably unrelated to the electric gremlins you were dealing with. Check with almost-step-dad to see if he did anything with the speedo cable etc.

    I’ll see if I can talk my better half into going to scrabble night too. Maybe the four of us can play some before the big event, that is if either of you have a board…

    Oh, and YAY no accidents!


  2. Man, I’m so bummed that Singles Scrabble Night was canceled – I was DYING to hear about it!
    I’m behind on my reading, but can’t wait to read how much longer no accidents = ice cream for dinner 😉


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