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Singles Scrabble Night

The Adult Education Center in my town is hosting a “Singles Scrabble Night” tomorrow. $25 gets you in the door with drinks & food for the night. It’s also a fund raiser (cause what isn’t in Durango?).  Since out of  the Core Four, only JL and I are single, I’m doing my best to recruit her to go with me.

The only personal contact I’ve had with the AEC is through my job, coordinating the GED program, as well as hiring Spanish translators for some of the publications I’ve worked on. Have I ever been there? No. Do I consider the AEC a place of romance? Definitely not.

But have I been on a date in a year? Um….I plead the fifth.

I’m trying to picture the men who will pay $25 to play scrabble. Obviously if you’re a bad speller, there’s no way you’re going to show up and humiliate yourself by spelling “conspikyouis” unless you are just paying the $25 to get in the door and hover by the buffet. Or will it be full of desperate 40 year old nerds who LOVE scrabble?

Its just such an odd theme. My dating experience is limited to events such as “wet t-shirt night” and “Ladies Night” not “Batttleship and Burritos” Don’t they play scrabble at Senior Centers? Am I being too much of a snob? I’m just scared I’m going to be the girl in a halter top, flat ironed hair and bangles, standing in the middle of a room full of “Just got their GED and are ready for action” dudes. I’m scared of being the only one under the age of 30.

But I’m still intrigued. The newspaper ad says “Tired of meeting people who can’t spell?” and that totally cracks me up. And really, what kind of pressure can someone feel while playing scrabble? At least they are checking out your triple letter score instead of your rack (well, maybe both).

JL, as an ex-English teacher, you KNOW you have the leg up on this situation. You KNOW you are going to kick some serious bootayy. I mean this is prime blogging fodder, and I think it might actually be fun! I’m totally ready to conquer the Durango Scrabble Dating Scene 🙂 Yee-Haww


10 thoughts on “Singles Scrabble Night”

  1. You and scrabble night 😉 When is it? I know, I should read the paper more instead of my skmming of the headlines. I will probably totally get my ass kicked since I seem to have lost the ability to spell since college.


  2. I don’t know…based on some of the dates I’ve been on a 40-year-old who loves Scrabble might not be such a bad catch.

    If I lived in CO I would totally go with you!


  3. I would ALSO totally love to go there with you! I would love to meet a man who liked to play games like that, as I am a self-professed GEEK to the core. Though I would also pay $25 for the buffet if it were good enough. Keep us posted!


  4. Oh honey…..GO! Sounds like it could be a blast! Be yourself and enjoy! Who knows…if there aren’t any guys there who are your cup of tea, there will be other women/men who know other single people. It’s all about the networking!


  5. Sounds like fun. If I didn’t live across the country I’d go with you…although I might need a few drinks first. Also? I’m not sure I still know any big words…but it would still be fun!


  6. It does sound like the kind of event that would draw a slightly older crowd… but you never know! (which means you should definitely go and check it out!)


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