gemini, POS Car, potty training, single mom


This face really makes the dead car gloom vanish quickly. Especially when I hear an accusing “Dis ISN’T your car MOMMY!” coming from the backseat of the loaner I scammed off my dad. Also, who cares about an friggin alternator when YOUR DAUGHTER HAD NO POTTY ACCIDENTS AT DAYCARE?!

We ate ice cream for dinner. Another perk to being a single mom.


6 thoughts on “Cheer”

  1. Hooray for accident for day!!!!!! What a little honey!

    Ice cream is AWESOME!!!! Occationally littleman and I will have a waffle with ice cream, chocolate syrup and nuts for dinner….it’s always great to be a little off the wall sometimes! 🙂


  2. Girl — You have been leaving comments on my blog for weeks now but I didn’t know your blog address. Stupid me, I guess I could have tried the obvious but I didn’t. How come your comments don’t link here? Hmmmm.

    Anyway, I got off my ass and figured it out today (with the help of SWM). Hell-OOOOOO there.

    Sorry to hear about your car. That’s no kind of good.

    Ice cream for dinner. Awesome single mother perk. Also: popcorn for dinner (my fav), chicken nuggets AGAIN for dinner, cereal for dinner, etc.

    HURRAY for no accidents!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Yeah, your comments don’t link here for me either. Hm.
    I miss the single mom dinner perks…that’s one of the biggest ones I miss. That and having no one to answer to about how I do things.

    Good job for your little pumpkin on no accidents! Hooray!


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