POS Car, single mom, worst week ever


Car. Is. Officially. Dead.

Last night was the first time in a long time when I didn’t enjoy my single parenthood. While I was stuck in the center turn-lane, flagging down traffic, LB screaming in the backseat. I really  wished I had a significant other there to help me jump start my car, or come pick us up, or help me calm my nerves after I barely made it home.

I really wanted someone to snuggle with as I miserably curled into the fetal position, wondering how I was going to navigate this week’s transportation to work and daycare, get my car towed, and pay for the needed repairs. It would have been so much nicer to hear “It’s gonna be OK” coming from the other side of the bed, feel the comforting warmth of someones body, instead of miserably hugging your lifeless pillow. Instead you have to settle for the mechanical hum of the ceiling fan to sing you to sleep, and hope for a solution to present itself in the morning.

I knew I shouldn’t have crossed the rabbit.


6 thoughts on “BOOOO”

  1. I’m sorry =( If you need a ride let me know. I can definitely relate to the whole wishing you had someone there when something crappy happens. Hope your day gets better! (Damn rabbit anyway.) Love you!


  2. Oh NO!!!!! Must be something in the air. There are a number of blogging mamas out there that have been having car trouble!

    I certainly hope all works out well in the end! My fingers are crossed for you!


  3. Add me to the list of blogging mamas with car trouble. I SO feel you. I’m sorry. I wish I could help.

    Also? Son gave LB a run for her money in the stalling on the bedtime thing today. I JUST barely got him down less than a half-hour ago. BLAH.


  4. I’m so sorry! Nothing suck worse than unexpected car repairs…especially when there’s no second car to fall back on. I feel your pain…I just had to buy a new(er) car myself.


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