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Forget the rabbit

Its the first of the month. Did I say white rabbit? No. Are you tired of hearing about mysuperstisious hippy ritual? Probably. Its like a tick, I tell you.

And guess what? My car didn’t start this morning. Proof of a month of bad luck starting already? No. Why? BECAUSE (as LB would say) my neighbor (whose totally adorable daughter happens to go to the same daycare as LB) was walking out to her car and asked if I needed a jump. My OTHER neighbor (also a single mom…we’re taking OVER!) walked out in her robe and asked if I needed a jump too. Woo hoo, two offers!

The problem? None of us had jumper cables. YAY. Way to perpetuate the female stereotype. But being the resourceful single mom that I am, went door knocking at 7:15 am and eventually found someone who had jumper cables and wasn’t in pre-coffee/recovering alcoholic slasher mode. AND he was a guy. AND he said he may be able to help me fix the alternator, which is probably the culprit in my dying car. Score!

So Mr. White Rabbit…you don’t scare me anymore. Single moms make their own luck.

I just quoted Billy Zane in “Titanic.” Ew.

P.S. Another weird hippy/coincidence/sign/universal tick….I was scanning my previous “white rabbit” posts and the last time my car wouldn’t start it just so happened to be…..what day of the month? Hmmm. God I am a nerd.

As of today my POS car has died in traffic once, has been jump-started twice, and barely started on its own countless time. Maybe I should go ahead and buy that alternator.


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