The dreaded “Why”

Bedtime has been getting harder and harder. Actually more like later and later. Once spring hit, I started the bedtime ritual at 7:30, and eventually getting her under the covers by 8 pm. As the sun got closer and closer to the evil solstice, bedtime likewise got deeper and deeper into the night. This week, bedtime averaged between 9:00 and 9:30 before I could actually get my Gemini to stop chattering away and hopping between toddler bed and toddler kitchen.

So after 6 books and 2 songs, noisemaker and nightlight activation, kisses, hugs and general stalling (boy is she good at that now!), I finally close the door to her room. Does that door stay closed? Aw heyl no. Bedtime routine now includes getting up and leaving the room with an armload of toys, dolls, blankets, stickers, my-little-devil-ponies and anything else she can caravan. I’m trying to decide if this is yet another stalling technique (where I have to stop and pick up all her toys before ushering her back to bed), or just toddler packrat mentality.

This week, on top of the bedtime layer cake of bath rejection, storybook pickiness, jammie refusal, “cooking hour with LB”, toddler bed acrobatics, kissing the “scareds” away, and reanactment of after-bedtime “She has risen”, my darling child of 24.5 months of age lowered the boon.

Me: (ushering her back to bed for the 3rd time)Ok, BEDTIME! You need to lay down and go nite nite.

Her: (bright eyed and bushy tailed at 10:00 pm now) Why?

Me:(Did she just ask me why?) Um. Because its night time and people go to sleep at night.

Her: why?


Oh Man. I knew I wasn’t gonna survive Two.


7 thoughts on “The dreaded “Why””

  1. LOL We have been going through our own tailored-to-Em version of the same bedtime ritual around here since the beginning of summer as well. Can you see our bleary eyes from there? The torn out hair? Yes. I thought so. The worst part is when I’m totally at my wit’s end and mentally declare that the next time she gets out of bed and wanders into the kitchen I’m going to be no-smile Mom and march her right into bed… But then she inevitably arrives dressed in her sister’s oversized shoes – decked out in a sunhat and sunglasses and clutching more stuffed animals than it is physically possible to carry… And I can’t stifle the giggle. The evil giggle that I just KNOW leads her to believe that Mom secretly loves it when she wanders out of bed 286 times per night….

    Gotta love em.


  2. Two is a tough age!

    My girls go to bed around 7pm. So now it is still light out when they are going to bed. The other night my daughter said, “Mom I think you’re putting us to bed too early.” haha

    I let my kids have some books in their beds that they can look at. That way they don’t have to go to bed right away and they’re not trying to constantly escape from their rooms!


  3. I love when you post about LB, because it’s like a little glimpse into the not-too-distant future for my son.

    Right now everything is “What’s dis, Mommy? What’s dis, Mommy?” I feared the “Why?” was coming any day now. Now I know it is.


  4. Thanks for your comments fellow mamas! We really are an awesome (FREE) resource to each other aren’t we? LB has started answering herself when she says “Why” with a vehement “BECAUSE.” Hmm I wonder if she knows how flabbergasted I am already. Totally.


  5. You mean bedtime will continue to suck for the next X number of years?

    As Anna gets older, I’m slowly going to push her bedtime back so that I can hopefully stay up and do homework after she goes to sleep. Right now, she goes to bed between 11 p.m. and midnight (but she’s finally starting to sleep 8-9 hours straight! yay!) I know she’s only 3 months old, but I’m getting so tired of staying up with her so late!

    Ugh, I’m not looking forward to the “why” stage! Anna’s cousin (who recently turned 7) did that to me one day earlier this year. The worst of the “whys” was: “Why is there a baby in your belly?” and then “How did it get there?” Thankfully, she was ok with “just because” and “you’ll learn more about that later”


  6. This blog was a great find. My son is 3 1/2 and REALLY into the WHY and HOW stage. He has a sweet inquisitive mind, most of the time he really does just want to know why. However there are a lot of times when I think it’s a sneaky toddler stall tactic.


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