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Thanks to Ms Single Mamafor bestowing on me the first blogging award I’ve ever won. Thanks for everyone else’s comments on probably the most unflattering entry I’ve written in a while, but unless you are living in the sadistic world of Hollywood horror films, fear really isn’t sexy at all. Click here if you want to take a glimpse into one of my $800 per credit college classes (my BA in film theory really translated well into my current profession as administrative assistant HA!).

Anyway, I read some awesome posts on this subject, and I was really touched by people’s honesty and insight. Here are some of the other bloggers that participated in this little contest, and kudos to all of you for being the strong single mamas that you are!

Single Working Mama fears the grass may not be greener on the other side, but can’t seem to get off the fence.

Former Single Mommy shares a fear of mine that hasn’t even surfaced yet.

The Organized Choas of single parenting and constantly wondering if you will fail.

See all the entries at flatten your fear and win a flat iron contest. I’m hoping my prize will be the divine tool of single mama hotness and will assist in my future success in finding a buttless chapped cowboy responsible, reliable man.

Thanks again Ms. Single Mama! Your blog really gets me through those hell weeks.




3 thoughts on “Thanks”

  1. It might’ve been unflattering but it sure was honest– congrats on the award winning! Careful about the assless chaps-wearing cowboys, though– trouble.


  2. Hi woman! Thanks for this big thank you and for showcasing the other awesome blogs. E-mail me your address okay? I sent you an e-mail so you should have mine. I want to get you that flat iron asap!

    Buttless chaps…those cowboys in that picture were SO hot. I’m surprised more people didn’t comment on it. : ) And I’m so glad my little blog helps get you through those hard days… so glad. It means the world to me.


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