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Where is “Single Parenting” Magazine?

I used to buy diapers off the Internet, and since I was such a fabulous customer (whatev), they also gave me a free subscription to Parenting Magazine. How much do I hate this magazine ? Let me count the ways.

  1. You tell me that being a “hot mama” consists of stealing your teenage daughter’s hot pink nail polish. (Red is just too aggressive).
  2. You preach vaccination scare tactics
  3. You preach general health-related scare tactics
  4. You insist on perpetuating battle of the sexes stereotypical articles like “Are girls easier to raise than boys?”
  5. Your single parent articles consist of widowed dads and parents who live together, but aren’t married.
  6. Your target audience is upper middle class, white, stay-at-home (maybe part time working), heterosexual moms who have nothing better to do than make cookies for the soccer team.

I mean your magazine is BORRRRING. Honestly, with all the information available on the Internet, do we really need another article on how to keep your kid healthy during flu season? All your letters from moms around the country make me want to gag. Can’t you publish any real letters, not just sappy kiss-my-ass crap?

With 32% of babies being born to single moms, cant you adjust your target audience just a little? Or are we “not the magazine reading type”? Thank god for my fellow single mom bloggers, and the kick-ass ladies at You give the army of single parents something worth while to read.

OH P.S. Parenting, your pregnancy magazine sucks just as bad. Its what drove me to read “Misconceptions” by Naomi Wolf, pretty much the most depressing/honest pregnancy book out there. THANKS.


9 thoughts on “Where is “Single Parenting” Magazine?”

  1. “Parenting” and the related magazines are awful, aren’t they? My favorite part is the fashion spreads featuring cherubic, spotless toddlers wearing $250 dry-clean-only outfits. Yeah. THAT addresses the realities of parenting! *snort*


  2. LMAO I ended up with one of those free subscriptions myself! What a waste of natural resources — Eleven (I admit it.. I actually opened and read the very first one to arrive) magazines full of non-compost-friendly glossy paper still wrapped in shrink-wrap straight to the trash can. Pity!

    That first issue had a featured article about the hardships of choosing the right live-in nanny for your kids. Uh… Yeah that was helpful.


  3. You should check out Wonder Time magazine. It doesn’t really address the needs of single parents all that much, but I do heart it. They actually have some cool mommy bloggers as regular contributors.

    I hate so many other “mothering” and “parenting magazines”. I especially hate Working Mother. Although, they have featured some single moms. But at the same time, the one single mom they featured sounded like a real piece of work. I couldn’t identify with her at all. So yeah, still don’t like Working Mother.


  4. Yep, I know exactly what you mean!! There used to be one called Single Mother, but it’s no longer in print. They now just have a website:


  5. You are so right!

    Most single mothers don’t fit any stereotype – we come from all backgrounds. Regardless if the situation is by choice or not, single motherhood is on the rise. We have our own needs and issues. It would be nice to have a magazine to address them. Parenting is so not the one–it’s so far removed from my existence.


  6. i agree with article such as,” how not to smack your ten year old for mouthing off”..would benefit me at this time…kudos


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