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Thursday = Friday

On top of everything else that’s going on. I started my 4-tens this week. Maybe this was a good thing, because the amount of work that is on my plate right now is almost too much for me to swallow. I keep telling myself that I’m going to see the actual surface of my desk by the end of each day, but no. Not so much. Even working 8 am – 6:30 pm, I still leave the office with files, faxes and interoffice mail stacked high. If I could add my emails on top of that mess, the result would be the leaning tower of administrative debris, threatening to destroy the sanity of the single mom below it.

I have fallen asleep twice this week, while sitting at my desk. I was jerked out of my erotic office dreams by the vile sound of the phone ringing. Have you noticed that office phones don’t actually ring anymore? Just like cell phone don’t actually ring. They play the soundtrack to your own personal reality show. Even the Boomer generation has figured out how to make their cell phones play “Shake your Groove thing” and “Layla.” My mom’s ring tone is tune by the Beatles, but I can’t remember which.

My ringtone? “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T…do you know what that means?” Word. 😀

I also have assigned “YAHHH TRICK” to certain peeps who…*ahem* shall remain nameless.

Today is the last 10-hour shift of my first week of summer hours. It has been rough on me, but surprisingly smooth in the pick-up department. I managed to coerce 4 different people into picking up Gemini Toddler from  daycare while I stare at the clock until 6:30. And its been great! Today my dad is picking her up, so who knows what mayhem may occur, but I’m pretty confident in his abilities.

LB also turns 2 this Sunday! And me, being the fabulous person I am (HA), WON A BIRTHDAY CAKE FROM BASKIN ROBBINS OFF OF THE RADIO TODAY! Yeah, that’s how we single moms roll, working 4-tens while simultaneously winning cakes for their kids. Don’t you wish you were like us? hehehe.

So I’m about to drink my 4th cup of coffee and dive into the 4th day of what is going to be another lonnnngg  10 hours. However, tomorrow is the beginning of my 3 day weekend, and MAN IS IT GONNA BE WORTH IT! So, here’s to Thursday being the new Friday! Cheer and I will see you this weekend!



5 thoughts on “Thursday = Friday”

  1. I’m SOOOO jealous of your day off tomorrow. Have a great one!

    Good luck cleaning off your desk. It must be in the air, because I’m BURIED in work as well–but I have two days off next week. W-OOT!


  2. You should see my table and counter and work. We’re trying to plan classes for July AND do projects for June, so I have crap strung all over. Yesterday was even worse because I had freight too. Anyways, have a great long weekend and I’ll see you very soon =)
    Love ya!


  3. OMG Dave works 4-10s, hanna… Talk about loooong days. The Fridays off were great… at first… But after four years of it now — Friday has become ‘Get everything you can’t get done during those first four days of the week’ Day… We now hate Fridays. 😛

    Hugs! Happy belated Birthday to Lils!


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