A Good Day

I started this blog with the intention of chronicling a single mom’s search for affordable housing in a small town, whose economy was based on tourism. When a vast majority of the available jobs are in the service industry, and the vast majority of homeowners are only living in their residences during holidays, that leaves the working class with slim pickin’s for substantial and reasonable ways to live.

When I started this blog, I was living in the spare room of my mother’s home, LB sleeping in a pack-n-play next to my air mattress. We shared a room for almost 9 months before I could save up enough money and finally qualify for income-based housing. I now have been living independently for 6 months, in a brand-spanking new apartment with stain-free carpets and 1.5 bathrooms. I thank the Big Fish in the Sky every night for my amazing luck, and my ability to sustain a comfortable life in a town where the cost of living is so F-ing high.

Here’s the view up to my apartment:

Looks a lot like the Stairway to Heaven to me.


3 thoughts on “A Good Day”

  1. Congrats!
    I know what you mean. I’m having my own housing issues right now. Thanks for visiting – and sorry it took me so long to return the favor. You’re in my Reader now 🙂


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