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Mother’s day hangover

Ok, I’m not really hungover. I had one box glass of wine last night, while uploading Mother’s Days pics. I had a great weekend. The only downside was my guilt for not going to JL’s grand opening, but I look forward to reading her blog about it!

On Saturday, while LB was with her dad, I played the 5th wheel to Jiji and Grady’s romantic pilgrimage to Pagosa Hot Springs, and OMG, it was amazing. I haven’t been there since they attempted to make it a “destination” spa (barf), but honestly, its wicked nice now. We even schlepped the local discount out of the front desk dude.

I had a little phobia about squeezing back into a swimsuit after….um 3 YEARS OF NOT WEARING ONE. Yes, while Jiji and her man enjoyed a quiet breakfast with the soon-to-be in laws, I was panicking through the Mother’s Day Sale crowds at JC Penny, trying to find the least hideous two piece I could find in less than an hour. I forced through 20 suits in record time, and what did I come up with? A brown and green top, and blue and yellow bottoms.

Being the raised-on-a-commune, fashion victim that I am, I chose clashing comfort over matching muffin top. Hey, I was just glad I wasn’t the whitest ass on the patio, and HOT DAMN there were some baby belugas out there.

Mother’s Day was fun, did the usual: gorged on pico de gallo/listened to dad play guitar, while mom ranted about politics and religion. Thank god LB is oblivious to all the drama at this point. I can’t wait for the day she asks me “Why is Grandma so stressed?”

But the best part was having LB come home from her dad’s house in the same pair of underwear that I sent her in. She looked happy and glad to see me, no cat scratches (like last time), and there was only a twinge of tension between Roofer-Ex and I. Could it be that he actually followed my request NOT to put her in diapers? Could it be that one day things may actually be friendly between us? I’ve been walking on eggshells for so long that I don’t want to let my guard down, lest I be (to quote the movie Clueless) brutally rebuffed.

Who knows, but it was a stellar weekend indeed.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s day hangover”

  1. You crack me up! I’m glad you had such a great weekend!!

    Try not letting your guard down with a guy who wants to make it work with you. Well, it just doesn’t work very well. I feel ya, girl.


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