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Baseball Movies

Since I am no longer of the Bar fly crowd, my social gatherings tend to revolve around bringing the circle of friends (and their significant others) to the 825 sq ft space of my apartment.

The majority of my floor space is covered with LB’s indoor climbing fortress/slidey-thing, compliments of Grandma. I keep telling myself I should move it upstairs into her room, but the monstrosity is more than I can handle alone, and considering the amount of sweat I worked up trying to put the damn thing together, I reallllly don’t want to have to reconstruct it again.

Our last house party combined the following ingredients:

  • Homemade Egg drop Soup (compliments of Jijikero)
  • Garlic Thai Green beans (compliments of Curmudge’s Hubbo)
  • Blueberry Cake (compliments of JL)
  • Red Wine
  • Keylime Breezes
  • A pouting pitbull
  • Michael Moore’s Sicko
  • The omnipotent hotness of Will Smith in I Am Legend
  • A demolished kitchen.

Needless to say, it was a recipe for lots of screaming/throwing stuff at the TV, maniacal laughter, and well-lubricated conversation.

My EW noted that each year, at the start of baseball season, a studio or two decides to re-release an extended, updated, super goo-goo version of a classic baseball film. So, in our lushed state, my friends and I started proclaiming the best baseball movies.

I was shocked to find that not one of my friends had seen the movie Bull Durham, and they were shocked to find that I had never seen the Sandlot OR Field of Dreams. AHHH the horror! So our next get-together is going to be baseball themed, where all of us will fill the holes in our film education.

So what are the best baseball movies? Here are my personal favs:

A League of Their Own, 61* & Bad News Bears.


3 thoughts on “Baseball Movies”

  1. Great choices… but you forgot The Natural, Major League and Rookie of the Year. Dude, I love Rookie of the Year. “Did he just say funky butt-lovin’?” Bull Durham was on AMC last night! Too bad they edited out all the hot sex at the end.


  2. Okay, so I watched Bull Durham last night and loved it (I know, I’m a diehard baseball fan and had never seen it). I also have to say I love all the other movies on everyone’s list, I also have to say I liked Angels in the Outfield. It just makes you feel the magic part of the game. Oh and I totally vote that we have our baseball watching fest soon, since the season just started. I have the Sandlot and 61*. I also have For Love of the Game, but I know that many people can’t stand it.

    P.S. I just thought of another one I like, even though it focuses on Red Sox nation; Fever Pitch.


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