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Potty training is going remarkably well lately, and I’m happy to say LB has ahem….done her dirty work 3 WHOLE TIMES in the potty. I’m practically salivating over the notion of NOT having to buy diapers anymore. My co-worker told me that once the kids are out of diapers its like getting a raise…woo hoo! Since I’m not getting any salary increases in real life, this will certainly come in handy.

Still, she is only 22 months (on the 8th) and I really don’t want to push it. My daycare’s potty training policy is that I am NO LONGER ALLOWED TO PUT HER IN DIAPERS. That’s it. Cold Turkey. Only Undies from here on out. They told me to pack LOTS Of extra clothes, and they will reduce the mess by setting a timer and putting her on the potty every 30 minutes.

Freakin’ Potty Nazis!

So I’m going to quietly introduce the daycare potty to LB and see if she starts using it on her own…..without installing their Potty Boot camp Program. I mean, are they going to yell at her if she suddenly wanders over to the toilet and uses it?


Speaking of butts. This morning, as I was getting LB dressed, I pulled off the cold, wet morning diaper and said “Oh wow kiddo, your butt is COLLLD! That’s probably NOT very fun to sleep in!”

She grabbed her booty and said to me, quite proudly “MY BUTT.”

Everything is MINE at 22 months. Can’t wait till she actually TURNS 2.


4 thoughts on “Potty”

  1. Wow! LB is the cutest ever!!! I am glad you have a good start on the potty training!!! She always has seem to be able to adapt to change quickly….in her 22 months. Love you both!!!! Miss you!! See you in June!


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