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The life of a restaurant

When I first moved to Durango in 1996,

this was the restaurant that stood across from the fairgrounds on north main. Lori’s Family Dining had been running since 1971, and had also managed to extend a faction of itself to the Durango Mall.

Neither are still in existence. There used to be a bowling alley at the mall too, where kids could hang out after school. You used to be able to get a bite to eat, shop, go bowling and even have a beer if you wanted at the Durango Mall. I wish I could say that’s still an option.

Nope, not anymore. They have also demolished one of the few remaining Drive-In Movie theatres left in the USA. Check off another activity for kids. Eh, kids are a pain in the ass to deal with, right? Why should we give them choices of fun things to do, when there are plenty of Meth Dealers in the La Plata county region? I’m sure these people could find things for kids to do. At least they wouldn’t be hanging out around our local business and bothering the paying customers. Ugh. I mean what do people expect? Keep taking away kid/teen-friendly places to hang out, and replacing them with condos and other more lucrative business ventures, and you are asking for a f***ing problem.

Lori’s eventually turned into Delaney’s, a similar restaurant (American-style, down-home, chicken-fried-steak place), which was decent enough. Then Delaney’s went out of business and was replaced with a horrendous restaurant called “Pickles.” Ok so I only ate there once, but it was awful. I didn’t even try the fried pickles. After Pickles kicked the bucket, it turned into the “Kettle” restaurant and pancake house. That has lasted for about year or two, but just yesterday I noticed that the whole restaurant has been repainted and the sign now indicated that a Chinese restaurant is moving in.

Christ on a cracker. Its exhausting, and I’m not even a business owner. But it makes me wonder how someone can keep investing in this place that seems to flop every restaurant that is housed there. Do people think that there is something soooo special about their menu that it will flabbergast the public and kill the competition? I think the property is jinxed. I wouldn’t open a restaurant there if I inherited the property tax free. I think it needs to be bulldozed.

…..and replaced with a bowling alley.


5 thoughts on “The life of a restaurant”

  1. I noticed they had changed it once again too…nothing has been even CLOSE to Loris. I did heae there will be a bowling alley at the new casino in Ignacio (though it’s not convenient, but at least it will be something new to do). I miss the drive in most though, I mean who didn’t love hanging out there in the summer? Happy Friday =) Love ya!


  2. I’m surprised you found a picture of Lori’s to begin with. I miss Lori’s, the Bowling Alley, and the Drive-In. Damn terrorists- I mean, tourists. In any case, are we hanging out on Sat?


  3. Your so right about our siblings…that is awesome about Erica, talk about motivated. Hopefully they’ll remember us when they’re rich and famous =D


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