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As the snowbanks around Durango continue to wither into slushy pools, every one’s mood is likewise improving. Even my toddler has returned to her normal, bubbly self.

Today at daycare she showed me her favorite, almost completely demolished book, and told me “Dat Kis-fer Robin has hunny for Pooh and Pig-et!” Her fragmented sentences are getting longer, and I’m having trouble keeping up. She likes counting too, except she usually gets carried away at the number 4, and starts excitedly shouting, EIGHT, TEN, SEVEN, TWO, ONE!

She also has started posing. When a crowd surrounds her, she pretends to be shy for about 3 minutes, hugging my legs demurely, then I swear to god, she starts batting her eyes. Then cracks a grin. She will continue this act, until I can’t handle the ridiculousness anymore and put a stop to it.

Ye Gads. I swear there is a little Leo in her 😛

Another symptom of Durango Snow-Melt Syndrome is the unleashing of yard sales and weekend grill parties. As soon as grass is visible, and temp is above 50 degrees, you will start to see carboard boxes on street corners, depicting where the sales are. If you walk around your neighborhood, you will hear the communal barking of dogs, the sound of hissing burger meat, and the clinking of Ska beer bottles.

Yes, there may be snow on the La Platas until June, but by god, the people of Durango shall not be denied their yard sales and barbecues!

Gotta love how all the Marquees around town no longer display “Think Snow.” I’m half expecting them to read “Think MELT” in a week or two.


2 thoughts on “Melting”

  1. Oh LB, she’s so cute =) You know she’s gonna have a little Leo in her, she can’t help but being surrounded by her aunties 😉 I’m so glad for the melt; delivering has been HELL!! Love you =)


  2. Monster dog is frantically trying to dig out our barbeque (since he can’t jump the fence anymore), the tank is exposed and now we just need the grill. I think with all the beer out there last weekend it just seemed like the next logical step.


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