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Valentines Day

Well I found someone at the last minute. Lets just hope the people actually SHOW UP. HAHAHA. No longer my problem.

Tomorrow is V Day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a very memorable Valentine’s Day, even when I was with someone. I guess I know how to pick the winners, huh?

Out of my fellow BFF Bloggers, one is engaged, one is married, one is single, and then there’s me…ex-engaged + daughter. Funny thing is I was engaged before either of my married/engaged friends were, and now both of them are getting married before me. Not that I mind, since I really never thought I would get married, or have a child for that matter. Coming from a family of hippies, “married” is kind of a loose term, and doesn’t exactly equal happiness. Love seems to be the most important thing, though I’ve been unsuccesful in THAT respect as well.

I must say that both Jiji and Curmudgeon have paid their dues. Both of them have kissed a lot of frogs, and its very satisfying to see how happy they are now with their chosen mates. I think they have enough experience to know what a good man is, and are smart enough to choose to be with someone who will respect them. You go girls.

JL and I have decided to be each other’s Valentine this year. Which basically means, she is coming over with Netflix and I’m getting a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Not exactly romantic, but at least it will please a hungry toddler, and her tired mommy. Maybe next Valentine’s Day, JL and I will have the luxury of being doted on, the way our two dear friends are lucky enough to be.

Much love to all of you, and your significant others. They are definitely keepers 🙂


1 thought on “Valentines Day”

  1. Valentine’s Day sucks so hard. Branden refuses to acknowledge it, and I’m okay with that (though I probably wouldn’t say no if he brought me chocolates or something similar 😉 ). Join the ranks of people who voluntarily loathe valentine’s day! take back the night (or something)! Don’t let a fake commercialist holiday bring you down 😉


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