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LB has put together her first two phrases. I don’t think they qualify as real sentences, since her enunciation is pretty weak at this point. In other words, her phrases sound like literary mashed potatoes. Lets see if you can figure out what she’s trying to tell me

  1. Whahappintamoosik?
  2. Taberwhahyou?

Funny, cause both are questions and both are shouted at maximum decibels.

The first phrase appeared while she was figuring out how to turn the clock radio/noise maker on and off. I was folding laundry, listening to the radio (having yet to re-purchase a CD player or iPod), when LB discovered that her button pushing makes the music disappear. A shocked look flew across her face, and she asks (with great concern):

Wha happin ta moosik?”

It didn’t take her long to figure out how to turn the radio back on, and say with satisfaction


Its a game now. She pushes the button, turning the radio on and off, repeating these two phrases with growing excitement, until she gets frustrated at my lack of attention and starts screaming.

The other phrase popped up during my attempts to get her into her bedroom at night without a fight. After asking her if she was ready for bed, and getting a flat out “NO!” I switched tactics to inanimate object manipulation.

I started saying “Teddy bear is waiting for us to read him a story, lets go find him. Teddy Bear, where are you?”

This quickly turned into a frantic “TA BERR WH AH YOU???!”

Ooops. Lets give my 19 month old anxiety issues. Yay.

I guess its cuter than the orders she gives to me:



1 thought on “Toddlerisms”

  1. Can we say two year old (well at least getting close)? It sounds like your life is getting more interesting. She is so cute though and I can actually see her saying all of these things too. Anyways, hope you’re good, maybe we can hangout sometime this week. Love you!


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