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Day 2 Winterland

Ok, so the plows got their act together and made the roads driveable for us non-4-wheel-drive morons. Everything was awesome except for two spots:

  • The hill in front of my work’s parking lot
  • The road going to my house

In the first minute I was in my car, I made a huge driving error and decided to go straight down one of the only un-plowed streets in Durango. This street also happens to be at an almost 45 degree angle. I knew the moment I came to the top of the hill, that it was a mistake. At the very bottom a truck was cockeyed with its bumper smashed into the headlights of a little sedan.

“Oh man. This is not a good idea,” I thought.

Halfway down the hill, I noticed that the same incident had taken place between a red POS Geo and a Beamer.

“Oh Crap. Why I am going down this hill?” I said.

Tire starts to slip. Ford Escort proceeds to ice skate sideways down the evil street. Tapping brakes, now. No Dice. Full out of control sliding commences.

“OH SH**, OH SH**, OH SH**!!” I yell.

My POS 96′ Ford slams into a nice, expensive SAAB, which happens to be parked facing uphill, so I put a nice canyon into the left fender of her hubby’s car. YAY.

At least both our cars were still drivable. At least I didn’t have to pay for a tow truck. At least I was able to pick up LB from daycare before another blizzard commences. At least it was 3 pm instead of 3 am, and I wasn’t alone in the middle of nowhere. At least the lady was nice to me. At least she showed up a few minutes after I hit her, and she was able to move her car, so I could move mine.

So many positive things right?

What does my mother say?

“Its still points against your insurance.”

She also told me that I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle. I have NEVER heard these words come from my mom’s lips. She has lived in Colorado for 13 years now, and NEVER has owned a car with 4-wheel drive. I think deep down she considers herself an amazing driver who doesn’t NEED to rely on something as expensive as 4-wheel drive, and that all those other people who have it are just bad drivers, or wusses. So for her to say that to me is a little insulting.

However, all of the REAL locals around here have told me that we haven’t HAD a Colorado winter in over 10 years, and maybe finally things are going back to normal. I would love it if my mother was forced to buy an SUV, because her impeccable driving ability couldn’t face the long winter.

Now excuse me while I wash the bittnerness from my lily-white, 2008 karma.


4 thoughts on “Day 2 Winterland”

  1. A Number 1: Glad you are alive and that the car damage is minimal. Don’t sweat the insurance crap– shit weather is shit weather. I was not impressed with the road maintenance this weekend. As soon as you get three miles out of town, all hell breaks loose.
    B Number 2: Be safe! You can definitely survive a winter in Colorado (a real one) without four-wheel-drive. You just can’t go everywhere you want, like to your house or work… 🙂
    C Number 3: Your babbydaddy totally got what he deserved and it’s okay to be happy for someone else’s misery as long as you do something good for the universe to negate your mean thoughts.


  2. “lilly white, 2008 karma”
    this whole post was worth reading for that last little line. I think that is going to be my new saying for the rest of this month =)


  3. Brought back memories of being the pinball careening back and forth from one guard rail to the other trying to get to work in West Virginia one winter.

    Glad you’re okay.


  4. I’m really sorry about all the craziness. You can definitely get by without 4 wheel drive, but I’ve been really happy to have it, especially on delivery. We have has to pull a couple of people out with the trucks too. My ally was so bad that to get INTO my frickin’ house my truck had to be in four wheel drive. Anyways, be careful out there and if you need anything, I’m just a call away….Love you and LB!


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