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In case you don’t hear from me in the next few days, its because Colorado is getting hit by a ginormous winter storm. This weekend, hell froze over. 1-2 feet of snow at my apartment, and more on the way. A lot of people have lost power, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will still have mine when I get home today…IF I get home, that is.

Driving conditions this weekend could be compared to the navigation of tugboats in a harbor. Everyone on the road was maneuvering in slow-motion, kicking up waves of slush as they, lurched around corners and slid through the snow. I was biting my lip, waiting for it all to freeze overnight. The lights flickered on and off for about 3 hours, Saturday night. I lit candles on my stove, having no matches in the house. Urg.

Good Ole JL came to my rescue with her trusty Chevy. She bulldozed through the slush and snow with her all mighty, cherry-red Silverado in order to take us to our good friend’s launch of her fashion line, Haute Diggity. We had a great time, and it was really amazing to see a friend’s art come to life onstage. Since I have so little knowledge of the fashion industry, it was really a treat to witness a local slice of it.

As for this morning, the road to my apartment was impassible in my low-riding Ford Escort. Thankfully, there still are construction workers littered across the property, who pushed me over the snowbank and onto the ice-stricken main road. My 20 minute commute morphed into an hour long escapade, with school buses sliding through red lights, and panicked Florida tourists skidding sideways all the way through town. I dropped my daughter off at daycare, had to get pushed out of THAT unplowed parking lot, and barely made it up the hill to my work.

Now I’m sitting at my desk wondering if I should have come in to town at all. Its snowing again. Schools are on a delay, but probably will close early. I probably should go buy a book of matches and a flashlight, but I can’t even imagine what Wal-Mart looks like right now. People are stocking up for the Long Winter, Colorado style. Its move it or lose it, you front-wheel drive, family-wagon, POS suckas!

JL, I may call on your services again, so keep your cell phone handy. Everyone else out there in winter wonderland, be safe and may the force of electricity be with you!


2 thoughts on “Whiteout”

  1. No worries =) My dad plowed me out yesterday, so I’m good to go. I can totally help with anything you need. If your power DOES go out, you can come stay with me too, so you and LB will have heat and a bathroom and everything. Love you and be safe!


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