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Eve of 2008

I haven’t posted in a while because:

  • I don’t have Internet at home
  • I’ve been on the road traveling
  • Its been a rough couple of weeks

The Christmas in Arizona consisted of a 6 hour road trip with a neurotic poodle, accompanied by an okie grandma who snarled “Ima SMACK YOU!” every few minutes. Add that to carseat constricted toddler, and a road through the Navajo Nation that only has 3 major towns along a stretch of 300 miles. Wow that was fun.

Total chaos arose the day after Christmas when my mother, taking my grandmother on her shopping spree to Kohls, got fed up with her mom’s obsessive poodle preening and told her that the dog doesn’t have any real problems, its all in my grandmother’s head, and she makes herself crazy over it. My grandmother responded with “Get off my back!” and “I didn’t even want to come on this F**KING trip anyway!”

Thinking how petty all this was, I decided to force mommy dearest and grandma to make up. I went and talked to both of them in private and they eventually hugged and forgave each other. My mother said I “healed” the family. Fricken Hippies.

My sister who flew down from her home in Alaska thinks that the real “reason” my family has come together is because I introduced the first offspring of my generation. LB is now the glue of the family. My sis says she feels selfish for saying that. I said yeah, go get knocked up unexpectedly and raise your own damn kid. Ok. I didn’t say that.

I had my first gathering at my new apartment, and it was so awesome. Having all my friends crammed (and I mean crammed) into my living room with LB climbing over piles of presents, and dogs, and plates of pizza. It was exactly why I have been longing for my own place, so I could share moments like that with the people I love.

My dad, however has NOT been having those warm happy feelings, now that he is down in Brazil. His perfect getaway was marred only 3 days after his arrival. He was on the beach outside his hotel when he was mugged by 4 guys. They took his wallet and his shitty watch, but most of all, I think my dad’s romantic spirit was somewhat destroyed. The most important thing is that he’s ok, and hopefully can enjoy the rest of his vacation. I guess my dad always has to learn things in his own way 😦

But the lowest point of my past two weeks was that LB’s daddy informed me that he is indeed seeing someone else, and is MOVING in with her at the end of the week. What a desperate loser. Can’t even support himself and find a place to live on his own. He has to hook up with some desperate single mom of a 3 and 7 yr old, and stay at their house. How is that an improvement over living with me and LB? I don’t understand him, and I sure as hell am glad I am no longer responsible for him. I can’t say it doesn’t hurt me just a tiny bit though.

2008 are you a kinder, gentler year?


3 thoughts on “Eve of 2008”

  1. 2008 is going to kick ass =)(How can it be bad when my birthday will be on 8/8/08; how cool is that?) We rang it in having fun and that’s what this year is going to be. Maybe Kinkysurf will actually send us those sailors huh? 😉 Well, even if not we have our friends and LB, so how can we go wrong? Happy New Years (again) and I’ll see you soon! Love you!


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