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Back to Black

Ok, so I didn’t really come back to black. In fact I came back to endless upon endless fields of pure white snow. If you read JL’s hijinks, you’ll know that while I was basking in 60 degree weather (ok 57ish mostly), Colorado and got dumped on. I get the sweet after effects, without having to drive in a blizzard. Word.

I really can’t think of one single word to describe my trip. So many different emotions, thoughts and experiences. As far as the workout tree goes, all I have to say is sadly, its amazing how your good food choices go out the window when you get to eat for free. Yeah. I gorged. My dad was worse though, trying to take every advantage of his meal ticket he could….buffets, champagne, desserts, not to mention the endless supply of WINE that surrounds you in Northern California. He was shameless, but its kind of a family tradition.

He took me to the little house I was born it; probably no bigger than 800 sq feet, perched on the slope of a steep, narrow street. My mom would have nothing to do with any “medical professional” telling her what to do during labor. If women had babies in caves thousands of years ago, then she could do it in the comfort of her own home. Needless to say, I wasn’t born in a hospital. Looking at this house, I couldn’t help but think of how scared my mom must have been, laboring alone in the tiny, dark bedroom, while my dad slept (he woke up for the birth). I honestly don’t know how she did it. I was a 9lb baby for God’s sake.

Being in the city of my birth, and taking part of the egg donation process was an odd sensation. I kept wondering if the couple maybe lived near where I was born, or shopped at the same stores my parents did. Would their future child be running around the wine fields, and jumping into the ocean like I did? Would they ever eat at the bakery where my mom used to work? I guess these are questions I will never know, but in some strange astrological coincidence, here I am, donating to a couple who live in the same place I am from.

I will admit that the last days of egg donation are NOT pleasant. I honestly had gotten comfortable with the injections. I could stick myself in the ass with my eyes closed and not flinch. I was SO comfortable with the whole deal that when the following situation occurred, I barely batted an eyelash.

(SCENE: Father, Daughter and Grandbaby have arrived in California, late, and have picked up rental car. They drive north through torrents of rain.)
DAUGHTER: Ok Dad, its 10:30 pm, and we still haven’t gotten to the hotel. I need to take my shot.
FATHER: Hmmmm. I’m hungry.
DAUGHTER: Seriously. If I don’t give myself this shot, there was no point in coming here.
FATHER: Well where are you going to do it? We’re on the freeway.
DAUGHTER: All I need is a bathroom.
FATHER: Hey look! An IN-N-OUT Burger!

Yes. I actually stuck a needle in my butt in the public restroom of an In & Out Burger. How Rockstar am I? 🙂 It didn’t help that all the kids are getting ready to go out the bars, clubs, shows, concerts, holiday parties..etc…at 10:30 pm. I whipped out my vials of medication, syringes, prep pads and went to work as fast as I could. I’m surprised they didn’t call the cops on me. Pretty hilarious sight. I was sort of hoping for unsolicited advice from a local heroin addict while I was shooting up, but no luck.

So anyway, after everything was said and done, the doctors were able to retrieve 25 EGGS FROM ME! Can I pat myself on the back or what? I am soooooo psyched for this couple. I hope this increases their chances of getting a good embryo, because that would make everything I have gone through worth it. I have requested to know if the couple gets pregnant, but that may be another few weeks. Everyone think happy thoughts for them.

Sorry for the long post. I need to get a new ticker up and running. My page feels a little empty. But I am back, and I missed you all! I hope your week was as great as mine!


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