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Heading Out

This will probably be my last post for a week or so, since I fly to California tomorrow for the final donation process. I really shouldn’t even be posting right now, since I have A CRAPLOAD of work to do before my sub comes in this afternoon. But I must update for those who are curious.

I can definitely feel my ovaries growing, which is kind of gross, but I’ve been pregnant, so I’m no stranger to being aware of my internal organs moving around. Not a pleasant feeling, but I guess this is the “pain and suffering” they are compensating me for.

The hormone injections are making me a little nauseous, and my chesticles are sore.. Which reminds me, this morning LB pointed to my bra (which I can joyfully toss over the side of my couch without people complaining) and said “Booby Hat.” HAHAHAHA She’s so funny and smart, because OBVIOUSLY a bra goes on your boobs, so it MUST be a hat!

I tried giving myself a shot on my LEFT humpty last night, but it hurt to badly for me to try it again. I’m not ambidextrous, so my right booty cheek will have to take the brunt of it for the remainder of the process.

Here is my travel plan, accompanied by Dad and LB:

  • 7:00 am wake up, inject self with first medication
  • 8:00 am Eat breakfast and pack
  • 9:00 take LB to doctor for awesome free service of Acupressure, hopefully to make her cough go away for 24 hrs.
  • 10:00 am leave for Albuquerque
  • 1:30 pm arrive at Airport parking
  • 2:00 pm Check-In
  • 2:30 Board Plane
  • 3:00 Take-Off
  • 6:00 Arrive in California after one layover in Vegas
  • 7:00 pick-up Rental Car
  • 7:30 Drive hour to hotel in outlying city
  • 8:30 Check-In to hotel with screaming, over-tired toddler
  • 9:00 Hopefully get toddler to pass out in hotel crib
  • 9:30 Inject Self with 2nd medication
  • 10:00 Pass out

I hope I will get through the day with little hassles and drama, but it will take a LOT of good karma for this to happen. I trust I’ve paid my dues.

Any positive wishes would be appreciated. I will see you all next week!


4 thoughts on “Heading Out”

  1. Good luck hon!! I hope everything goes good. Have a good time bonding with your dad and LB=) See you when you get back! Love you lots!


  2. Good Luck and Congratulations!!!!!! Wooohoo! I am so proud of you, what an amazing process! I also have to give you props, I could never stick myself with a needle and give myself a shot. I hope you have a great trip! I can’t wait to hear all about it! BTW When you get back can I get your address por favor? Miss you and love you!


  3. Good luck, travel safely, and try to at least spend a few minutes looking at the ocean to give yourself a “vacation” break during the chaos.


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