You know, you wouldn’t think sitting in a car for 6 hours with about an hour break in between would make you totally exhausted. But MAN. When I got home last night, I was beat. I put on Beauty and the Beast for LB, and crashed on the couch. I woke up to her sticking her Moomintroll in the toilet, saying “Potty Potty!” I will tell the story of the origin of the moomintroll and our Hippie upbringing in a later post.

My appointment was at 10:30 am, so I left a 3.5 hour time window to get there. My mother, being constant doubt in my life, told me that I should leave 4 hours to drive, and based on her past psychic predictions, and my inability to ignore her advice, decided to leave at 6:30 am instead of my planned 7 am.

By the time I got to Albuquerque, 2 cups of coffee and one green chili burrito later, I was pulling into the hospital with 5 minutes to spare. I made a quick stop to the ladies room, and waited for my appointment. I waited for about 20 minutes before I was called in for my 2 minute ultrasound. My ovaries were indeed “quiet”, which means they aren’t growing any more follicles than planned and are ready to be pumped up with the hormones, starting tonight.

I then had to drive across town to get blood drawn, and take a urine test. Silly because I was IN a hospital, and yet I had to drive to a DIFFERENT one for the tests. Oh Well. That took about 15 minutes.

It was noon when I finished my appointments, and I was desperately craving a trip to Sweet Tomatoes, but the worry seed had been planted. It also was starting to snow, and the drive from Albuquerque to Bloomfield is pretty much as remote as you get,; a place where you DON’T want to get stuck in a snowstorm. So I bit the bullet and turned straight back towards home, trying to get ahead of the storm.

I didn’t even stop once until I got to Aztec, NM. I ate McDonalds in the car on the way back (I swear they put crack in it) and got home in time to pick up LB at daycare. Not a snowflake in sight.

Today, on the other hand, is a complete different story. Welcome to winter, Durango!


2 thoughts on “Winter”

  1. Nothing like a ‘mild’ winter to help with our moving plans =) I’m glad everything went okay yesterday. Can’t wait to see you and LB tomorrow! Love you!


  2. Damn girl! I would be exhausted too! That is a long time on the road, and a lot to do in one day! I am glad you didn’t get stuck in the snow that is a horrible place to get stuck! So how intense are your injections? BTW I am so happy that you have a place of your own again!!!! What a steal on the price too!! Miss you and love you!


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