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Here’s the rest of my week:

Today my Dear Sweet MIL goes into her surgery, and I am using the money from pawning my engagement ring to send her flowers. Irony? I think its perfect actually. Since I will soon be a resident of the Three Springs Area, I may trot on over there to see her, if she is still in the hospital this weekend ( I hope not though).

I drive back to Albuquerque tomorrow for my next ultrasound. My IVF coordinator in Santa Rosa says that they are doing one to make sure my ovaries are “quiet”, whatever that means. I guess it lets them know if I have been doing my injections correctly so far. That moment of revelation is stressing me out.

On Friday I sign the lease to my new apartment. Finally it will be just me and LB, in a sparkling clean, 2-story townhouse with brand new carpets and her own bedroom. And for only $730 a month! Believe me, a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom rental in Durango for that price is unheard of. I really am a lucky duck.

I also get to call my fertility clinic to get instructions on how to administer an intramuscular shot. I found a ghetto instructional video online last night, and it was pretty funny. Unlike MY situation, in the video there was a ken doll-like hubby sticking a ginormous need into his barbie wife’s butt, saying “There, all done, honey.”

In MY video, I will be trying to stick myself in the ass, while looking over my shoulder in the bathroom mirror. YAY. Anyone want to jam a 1 1/2 inch needle into my booty? I’m taking applications, since I will be living solo as of the day I start to shoot myself with egg-growing hormones. Great timing huh?

Saturday is the big move. All of you out there who want to get your workout by lifting couches up a flight of stairs, please let me know. I promise I will buy you dinner and a round of drinks for helping me! In JL’s case, I will buy her a pot of echinacea tea 🙂

After all of this is over, I am going to throw a nice relaxing housewarming party, and you are all invited. Maybe we can have a Johnny Depp/Ewan McGreggor/Taye Diggs movie marathon and bake cookies in my new oven? Hot Cocoa and Kahlua? Coffee and Bailey’s? Sound good?

Love you all and this year I am going to make up all the Christmases I missed, so expect something good from Santa!


3 thoughts on “Culmination”

  1. Echinacea tea would be great, or maybe chai since I’ve pretty much drunk my weight in echinacea tea the last few days. Your week sounds totally crazy, wish RB luck in surgery; I hope everything turns out great. I know she’s strong with all that she’s gone through in her life. I love how you payed for the flowers by the way =) Hope everything else goes good too =) Love you lots =)


  2. I totally need your new address–I want to send you and LB something(s) for x-mas! Good luck with your move, your injections and your everything ever. 🙂 May your days continue to get better following that bummer holiday!


  3. It’s me again. Alright, so I have to go buy cookie goods this weekend, which might also happen on Saturday, depending on what my mom has going on. Anyways, I’ll still help on Saturday and then I can help some on Sunday too if we don’t get everything done =) I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on. Love you!!


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