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Hellish November continues

My mother was in Santa Fe until this morning. She went to meet one of her old hippy friends from Alamogordo, and they spent the weekend looking at art galleries and shopping for grandbaby clothes. During all the merriment, my mother apparently dropped her cell phone in front of a little coffee shop called “The Aztec”.

Ive left my phone several places before: the bar, public restrooms, parks, restaurants, on top of my car, etc… I’m sure everyone has lost their cell at one point in their lives. What do you do? Usually wait until someone finds it, dials a number and eventually gets in contact with you. Or you back track all the places you were until you find it.

Not my mother. She immediately panics, calls the phone company and has her service disconnected. So when the coffee shop called me, I had no way of getting in touch with her. My mom’s friend is hippy to the core, wouldn’t dare touch the idea of looking like a yuppie on her cell phone, so she doesn’t own one. My mom didn’t leave the number of the hotel, so I couldn’t call her there.

So I email my mom, thinking she must have her laptop and will be checking it at some point before she leaves. Nope. I don’t hear from her until 7:30 last night, when (of course) I am putting Lilly to bed, and am unable to hear the phone ring. She says she “thinks someone must have stolen her phone.” Who steals a cell phone besides an enraged lover, or a member of the FBI? Why would someone snag a cell phone when they could have snagged her cash or credit cards instead? If someone is THAT desperate to make a call, I’m sure they would have wandered into a hotel lobby and asked to use the phone.

Either way, when I listen to the message, I call back the number and no one picks up. Today she calls me at work and says “WELL IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NICE TO HEAR FROM YOU BEFORE I LEFT SANTA FE!”

I almost lost it on her. I was so pissed. My entire yesterday was filled with miscommunication, and late correspondence.

My friend who has agreed to go with me on my trip to California all of a sudden has her OWN egg donation to go to, and can’t go with me anymore. So now the agency is getting really pissy at me. They wanted to book my flight YESTERDAY, but my friend’s phone line was busy for almost 45 minutes.

Now I have to find someone who is able to take a whole week off of work during Dec 6-Dec 13. Yeah, THAT’S going to be easy. So if anyone wants a free trip to California that week and would like to watch a toddler while i go under the needle, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!



2 thoughts on “Hellish November continues”

  1. I’m really sorry; I so wish I could go and hangout with you and LB. Jiji was telling me that she thought she might have that first week of December off because of them being closed to go to Hawaii. Maybe Tesa could go to since she has a toddler and she is not working at this point. Anyways, I wish I could help more. Oh, and your mom? Wow. Hope your day gets better!! Love you!


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