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Today I had a rough time getting up. I think I pulled a muscle doing Carmen Electra’s workout yesterday, which only makes me feel old and fat. There is even a disclaimer in the beginning that says BE CAREFUL OLD PEOPLE OR YOU WILL HURT YOURSELF DURING THIS DVD. I was like “Haha, I bet some granny is trying to seductively crawl across the floor and suddenly throws her back out.” 24 hours later, my hamstrings feel like they are on fire. Grrrr.

I’m also pissy because I feel like I wasted my money on 2 of the 3 hula dvds. The buns & abs one is good, but the other two are so cheesy, I wanted to puke. Someone actually wrote original songs that you learn a hula dance to. The songs are so blatantly marketed to bored housewives, it was almost offensive. One lyric actually says

“I’ve been doing laundry all day, now I just want to play.”

Someone out there actually responds to that? Thinks that’s funny? Please, you are spending a good chunk of money to produce a workout dvd, why don’t you make up some creative lyrics. I don’t know about all the other mamas out there, but I definitely DON’T want to workout to a song that reminds me of the domestic slavery that revolves around my homelife.

Another thing I am trying not to focus on, but is really getting to me is my stagnant weight loss. JL pointed out that we have been doing the workout tree for over a month now, and I SHOULD have lost more than 5 lbs. JL, who is a complete workout rockstar has lost A WHOLE DRESS SIZE!!! WOO HOOO!!

My body is the type that loses and gains weight very quickly, but has always stayed within the range of 135-155 lbs. I have been able to lose 5 lbs a week at one point of my life, and without getting up at 5 am every morning. I guess those days are over. I am getting old. I thought working out every day for 30 minutes would at least knock off a couple lbs a week. I have also been eating better, more salads, fish, fruits, etc….but I do have the occasional piece of pizza.

I am happy to say I have only eaten one brownie in a whole month, and have not been to McDonalds, Burger King or Wendy’s either. I did eat Taco Bell yesterday though. I eat a bowl of Raisin Bran for breakfast everyday, I thought that would make a difference. But obviously its not enough. I am going to have to make even more drastic changes to my diet. I really don’t know how I can squeeze any more workout time into my schedule.

It makes me want to cry to think that I can’t even have the random piece of pizza. Am I going to ONLY be able to eat salad if I want to lose more weight? Am I going to have to give up tortillas completely? I have always been privy to the “Everything in moderation” philosophy, but apparently no more. I look at my paternal grandmother and aunt (both of whom seem to share the same round-faced gene pool with me), and realize what my future looks like. I need to step it up or I will be one of those out of breath moms who can’t climb up the slide at the playground to save their stranded child.

I keep making excuses for myself. Well if I weighed myself with my clothes off, then I would be lighter. Oh its these hormones I’m taking for the egg donation. Well I don’t have a gym pass, and I can’t workout anytime. anywhere like everyone one. All LAME. But DAMN I just want to get below 150. That was my goal last week, and I failed. Its frustrating, and I think this is usually when people give up. Carmen says that a person is mostly likely to stop working out when they don’t lose the weight fast enough.

I am not stopping. I like the “me” time in the morning, even if it is before dawn. I like feeling refreshed and proud of myself afterwards. It does give me a little anxiety the night before though. Sometimes I lay in bed and think “OH GOD what if I don’t get up in the morning when my alarm goes off, and I lose the workout for the day?”

Ugh. I really disgust myself on how my pathetic piscesness comes spewing out sometimes. Grow a backbone girl! Stop stressing, get over it. I guess that’s why I have a blog, right? To let it all out. 😛


3 thoughts on “Grumpy”

  1. Sweetie – listen. Listen good. Make sure you eat enough. I hit a period when I couldn’t lose anything no matter how much I worked out. I found out that I wasn’t eating enough, so my body was holding onto everything.

    Also, remember (and I know you know this!) muscle weighs more. You put on muscle, you get smaller, but you don’t necessarily lose pounds.


  2. Alright, first of all I know you have toned up, you look great!! For me I really haven’t lost a ton of weight either, I’ve just toned it up I guess. I’ve stayed pretty much the same weight for the last three weeks too, which is annoying as hell because I’ve been killing myself at the gym and doing our other ranndom workout activities. Anyways, I guess I’ll see if anythings changed after W. Watchers. Have a good day and DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!!!!! Love you =) =) =)


  3. Hanna, I found your blog through the ELFF blog and wanted to make sure you’d read my comment. I am currently working on my weight as well (42 pounds off and keeping off for the past 2 years, and by no means an expert).

    This is what I wrote on ELFF:
    Just a side note to Hanna – hopefully you’ll read this…my heart goes out to you. Five pounds in 30 days is AMAZING!!!! I have heard from every one that I talk to, that slow and steady is the right way. It gives your body a chance to get used to the new weight as well as it tends to stay off more! I began a lifting and cardio workout…two to four days of lifting and 3-4 days of cardio…mixing and matching and not to discourage you, but I didn’t see a lot of results for about a year…however, it comes! Hanna, you’re doing wonderful…keep up your hard work…I tried to find your blog but couldn’t. Keep at it…it’s worth it.


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