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Monday Solitude

Well I’m deserted in my office. My female boss is in Washington DC, taking her parents and hubby’s parents to do the grand tour of our capital on Veteran’s Day. Her father-in-law is a WWII Vet, and she remarked to me how few soldiers are left from that era. My dad’s dad was a WWII Vet, and my maternal grandfather was in Korea. Crazy to think how one day our kids and grandkids will think of WWII like we think of the Civil War. Vietnam will become WWII, and Iraq will become Vietnam, as far as age goes. Wow I am getting old.

Minor emergency last night. LB was walking into the kitchen holding one of these (which its bigger than her head), and she tripped on the rug, falling face first onto the ball. Her top teeth promptly went through her tongue, and OH MY GOD. I have never seen that much blood come out of her mouth before. I thought she bit it off. The bleeding finally stopped after stuffing a whole towel into her mouth, and eventually she stopped crying. Poor Kid. I felt so bad, I let her eat ice cream and vanilla yogurt all night, while watching the Wizard of Oz.

I googled “Tongue+bitten+orajel” because I still had a little bottle leftover from her teething, and wondered if I could use it to numb her tongue. I found the answer on an Epilepsy Message Board, which reassured me orajel would be ok on an open tongue wound.

Also after visiting the dentist a few months ago, they recommended I get weird mouthwash called Biotene. Best purchase ever, because it kills bacteria (which I was worrying about in LB’s mouth) AND it contains no alcohol (ie, no screaming baby). They hygienist even told me it was safe to put a little bit on a rag and give it to toddlers. So I’ve been trying to keep the huge crater on her tongue clean with the mouthwash, and she seems to be doing fine this morning. Poor grandma gets to feed her applesauce and oatmeal all day long though.

So now I’m at work, which is kind of lonely, cause everyone has it off. There is Sean, the maintenance man here, putting together a desk, so at least I have someone to talk to. I also get my injectible medications this week for the egg donation. Thankfully I don’t have to drive back to Albuquerque until the 29th. Apparently the first round of injections are with tiny needles (they compare them to insulin shots), so I’m not really that upset about it. The second round of shots are inter-muscular, so errrr BITE THE BULLET.

My mother was on the phone to my sister in Alaska last night, and when she told her I was going to be donating my eggs in California (very close to where I was born, actually), my sister says,

“Wow, its kind of like Salmon returning home to spawn in the same waters they were hatched in. Funny.”

Geologist Humor. Oh, my family.


4 thoughts on “Monday Solitude”

  1. Oh, your sister. I’m so sorry about the Munchkin’s boo boo, never good. My work has been pretty deserted too. I think everyone is off messing around since we’re observing Veteran’s Day and all. Have a good day =) Love ya =)


  2. Aww poor LB! You reacted great though, I think we all know how I would have reacted seeing blood. Straight to the floor. I also was thinking about what you said about Vietnam being comparable to WWII in the age sense for our generation. I had an epiphany driving by the university that we live by today, and realized that the freshmen who are going to be entering school next year, are going to be almost 10 years younger,and it is just weird to think of that. Oh well. Sorry you are alone at work, I wish I were there and I would bring lunch and we could chill 🙂 Miss you 🙂


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