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Things I’m not happy about today:

  1. My Egg Donation is NOT going to be in New York, but Santa Rosa, California instead. I guess they mixed up the coastlines or something. I was really looking forward to finally visiting the Big Apple.
  2. I am going to have to drive to Albuquerque for my Ultrasounds instead of getting them here in Durango. I will have to take time off work for these days, as it is a 6 hour round trip. I really cannot afford to do that, ON TOP of the time I will have to take off during the actual retrieval process.
  3. I have a late meeting today, and have no one to pick up LB from daycare. Everyone is out of town, sick or busy with work or school. So I will have to leave my meeting early, another step down on my job performance.
  4. The horrendous display of shoddy footballing by my home team, The Broncos. It was just too painful to watch, honestly. I kept yelling at the screen “Champ Bailey can’t cover the whole field YOU MORONS!” When even Mike Shanahan says he’s embarrassed by his team, then you know it was a bad bad game.

However, these are the things I AM happy about today:

  1. Its currently 65 degrees outside, and we are pulling into the second week of November.
  2. I snuck out to see my apartment this weekend, and they actually have the numbers up, so I peeked into MY ACTUAL HOUSE!!! I saw MY ACTUAL CARPET! MY ACTUAL STOVE! I can’t express how excited I was, I may even sneak out there later this week and harass a construction worker into letting me inside.
  3. I did my Hula Buns & Abs this morning, and was very satisfied with the results of my half.com purchase. It was fun (even challenging), and I finished the whole thing before LB woke up.
  4. In general, I feel good. I can tell that my body is getting stronger. I can chase LB around the playground and not feel like I’m going to die afterwards. I am not scared of going to store, because I know I can head off my toddler before she rips down half the canned food aisle. I’m still stuck at 153 lbs, but my post-baby belly doesn’t look so scary anymore, and I feel like I’m going to get below 150 this week.

So between those two conflicting ups and downs, I think I may be able to survive the day.


4 thoughts on “Mundaes”

  1. Wow, talk about conflicts! Sorry about the wrong coastline thing too. I know our East Coast friends would’ve loved to have seen you. I’m stoked about your apartment and can’t wait to see it too. I’m also excited to try the hula. Sounds like a fun workout =) Hope your day gets better! Love you!


  2. AW Bummer!!! I was so hoping to have you visit us! There will be another time though, I will make sure of it 😉 Just one question, why is it that you have the luck of talking to medical “professionals”? Yes I use that term loosely. First when you were pregnant, they told you it was going to be a boy, and of course all crap they told you that turned out to be wrong, and now they can’t tell one coast from another! SERIOUSLY!! Take your doctors a map or something, teach them geography! 🙂


  3. seriously, if you ever need help with LB…Call! I would love an excuse to get off work early/on time to help someone out. I think I even have a car seat somewhere…


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