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7:15 AM

Ok I’ll make it short today. I’m sick of my long-winded rants. This is my dilemma:

  • 5 am – Wake Up Call
  • 5:15 – Begin Pilates Hell
  • 5:30 – Call JL
  • 6:00- Start Coffee
  • 6:05 – Shower
  • 6:20- Drink Cup O Joe #1, Read Durango Herald
  • 6:30- Wake up LB (if she hasn’t called for me yet)
  • 6:35- Feed Toddler breakfast (try to insert liquid Vitamins somehow)
  • 6:40- Get Dressed, Do hair
  • 6:55- Change LB’s diaper, get her dressed
  • 7:00- Warm-up Car
  • 7:05- Do Make-Up, brush teeth, perhaps chug Cup O Joe #2
  • 7:10- Chase Toddler around house, trying to get her coat on
  • 7:15 – In Carseat, Ready to Roll
  • 7:16- Almost fall asleep at the wheel

How come I am ready for a nap at 7:16 every morning? I’ve HAD one (sometimes two) cups of coffee, I’ve been thoroughly awake for more than 2 hours. But as soon as I get in my warm car, flip on the radio, and drive the 15-20 minutes into town, its like I’m ready for dreamland by the time I hit Wildcat Canyon. Like Clockwork, everyday!

My mother says I may be coffee crashing, but I think its an excuse to get me to stop drinking yet another “thing that is bad for me”, or maybe so she can drink the whole pot. But how can I caffeine crash only 10 minutes after I drink it? That’s just wrong.

So Should I quit drinking coffee? Since I’ve quit drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and *ahem* other undesirable habits since partaking on this egg donation process, I guess I might as well go for broke.

What are your thoughts? Do you have the sudden need for a nap everyday? Do you think its related to caffeine intake? Ugh I guess that post wasn’t really that short after all. I blame it on word vomit. 😛


4 thoughts on “7:15 AM”

  1. 2:30 pm every single day. Doesn’t matter if I have coffee or not. I can drink coffee at 9 pm and still sleep all night. But 2:30 rolls around and I’m ready for a nap. With my pillow and blankie.


  2. I think maybe you are planning a nap at 7:16 a.m. because YOU HAVE BEEN AWAKE FOR ALMOST 2.5 HOURS ALREADY AND THE SUN IS BARELY UP!!! Are you out of your mind, woman? I do think the sunrise has something to do with it. i notice that if I start driving (like to Denver, or whatever) before the sun comes up, I am wide awake at first, but as soon as it starts to get light out, I’m like “ZZZZZZZZZZZ…” Anyway, please don’t crash into a deer or something.


  3. Well, as another fellow member of the tree (AKA stump, with a twig) I feel the same need at about seven forty five everyday. I think usually it’s because I haven’t had breakfast of any sort and killed myself doing some sort of crazy workout. After about 30 minutes though I wake back up. It’s crazy; I was actually talking to my mom about it the other day too (go figure, I guess great minds think alike) and she says she does the same thing after her morning ritual. I guess exercise IS going to kill us =) Love ya!


  4. Coffee is actually very good for you. Lots of antioxidants and whatnot. Don’t let your mom talk you out of it. 🙂

    As for the sleepy thing; driving is a naturally monotonous activity. I can’t go on long car rides without getting hypnotized and having to pull over and walk around to prevent falling asleep. And, it may be that simply walking from the house to the car gives you enough exposure to cold that the warmth of the car makes you sleepy. All possibilities.

    Another one is that it seems like sleep may be a natural reaction to transitioning. Like, finish workout, take nap, finish work, take nap, finish cleaning, take nap, finish sleeping, take nap ( 😉 ). I know I basically completely crash out when I get home from school. *shrug* Food for thought, I suppose.


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