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Health Issues

I did not get up at 5 am today. I literally could not do it. I think all the tension from watching my first horror movie in over 2 years left me a little exhausted after I finally managed to stop looking for upside down sickles on my ceiling. Actually the movie was pretty funny for the most part. I think my favorite scene was when the town posse grabs their sawed-off shotguns (why are they always sawed-off in movies?) and hop in the back of decrepit pick-up trucks, and go off to kill some white-trash swamp-folk. Hmm….kinda like what you see in Bayfield on the weekend 🙂 The movie also featured the hunkaliciousness of Irdis Elba, which I didn’t mind at all.

But anyway, I sacrificed calorie burning for sleep this morning, and honestly, I felt even more tired when I got up at 6:30. Why, why why? What’s the point in sleeping in if I feel WORSE. Maybe its the fact that my throat has gotten consistently scratchier in the last few days. I was informed TODAY that there has been Strep Throat running around our office, and nobody decided to tell us. GRRRRRRRRR. If I am getting seriously sick and its only the first of November, this winter is going to have me by the balls. If LB gets Strep, or any of my dear Friends who I have been around the last week or so, I am going to throw a fit.

Also if you haven’t heard about the recent outbreak of Staph Infection, it has made its way to Colorado. CU Boulder treated 8 students who had it, and in the Herald they reported traces of it as close as MONTROSE. So my boss was just called to an “Emergency Health Meeting” about half an hour ago. I have a daughter in daycare. This is scary. So all of you out there, wash your hands and don’t go near some one’s dirty towels (I’m TALKING TO YOU GRADY, you work at the Rec Center!). God, I am so NOT the type of person to be paranoid, but a kid DIED from this a few weeks ago.

Ugh is November gonna be one of THOSE months?

Just be careful out there, ok? I love you all too much.


3 thoughts on “Health Issues”

  1. HEEEY! Be nice to Bayfield. It’s one of the only places left around here where you can afford to live within walking distance of a coffee shop or post office. But i do hear ya on the hick factor… it’s slightly hilarious.


  2. Great. Staph infection, just what I need to start November off with a bang. Sorry the horror movie exhausted you; I didn’t think is was too bad (at least it wasn’t Hostel or a Saw movie). Anyways, I didn’t workout this morning either. I got up at six and just wasn’t feeling it; I hope that maybe tonight I’ll go the rec center and do something, since I have a pass and all. I had a fun night with you and LB =)


  3. I haven’t worked out since before my vacation the middle of October. I’m feeling it, and, for the first time in forever, I’m sick. Somehow, the cold/sore throat that hit everyone else became laryngitis for me. How fun! I spend most of my day talking, usually.

    November, beh. already.


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