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So I’ve advanced from Pilates for Dummies to Crunch Gym’s Burn and Firm Pilates. And DAMN. I started it last Friday and hurt till yesterday. Now I think the vicious cycle has started all over again. But its a good pain, ya know? It makes it worth it to get up before dawn (which really isn’t all that hard in the winter, anyway).

I was really sweatin‘ this morning, panting too. Actually, it was the whole stinky nine yards, now that I’ve upgraded to putting on shoes (another reason why I like pilates) during the standing workout. This DVD is more of a typical class you would take at the gym, complete with those hot girls who wear matching spandex shorts and sports bras, and the one gay guy in the back. The instructor however was not as annoying as she looks on the cover (which I really can’t stand).

Also in workout news, I’ve ordered 4 NEW DVDs off of Half.com, and I’m psyched about them. Three of them are the Island Girl Series: Hula Workouts. and the other one is the infamous Carmen Electra’s Striperobics. The Hula ones look like an absolute blast, and I can’t wait to share them with the rest of the tree. I think after a few weeks of psyching myself up, I can pop the Striperobics in the player, and maybe actually follow along it. People have told me that for the untalented, clumsy bunch of us, its a tough workout, and its been a lonnnnngggg time since I was doing high school musicals.

If anyone is looking to buy a workout tape/dvd, believe me, this website really is awesome. You can preview clips of EVERY video on there, which is great because lets be honest, there are some bad ones out there. I even saw “Line Dancing Aerobics” when I was shopping, ye gads.

But I also saw Donna’s Old School Dance Party (see right) which looks like a total hoot, especially cause its got live ,music (the Sugarhill Gang) in the background, while people are dancing in the front. I also noticed one very tense looking white girl (think Celine Dion doing aerobics) hiding behind Donna and her Crew, which is a fricken RIOT. I think I might ebay it, hell it looks fun. Check out the clip. WORD.


3 thoughts on “Graduated”

  1. You totally sounded like you were killing yourself this morning. Al of the new DVDs sound very cool. I actually bought a new one a few days ago too that has pilates, strength training, dance, and aerobics on it. I think it’ll be pretty cool =)


  2. Thought I’d pay you a visit after your encouraging remarks about my haircut. I’m really trying to like it, but it’s all chopped up (just a really bad cut I guess….) I’m hoping it grows fast so I can have someone “fix” it!

    I’m glad you like yours – maybe mine will grow on me 🙂 (pun intended!)


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