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The Magic of the Pumpkin Hat

Ok, Curmudgfest. You have no idea what an impact your pumpkin hat has had on LB’s and my life. Here is a few examples of what happens when I go out in public with Doo Doo Bear sportin’ the pumpkin.

  • Hey there pumpkin head!
  • That is the cutest hat EVER!
  • Hey Punkin”.
  • Watch out! Pumpkin on the loose!
  • Aww look at the pumpkin.
  • Where did you GET that hat?
  • Look at the baby mom, she’s wearing a pumpkin hat!
  • She is so adorable… get the point

I get stopped by the usual mamas and grandmamas, but also children of all shapes and sizes, dads, granddads, teenagers, construction workers, bankers, drivers on the road…..It never ends I tell you.

And just so you know, I feel I can take no credit whatsoever. So instead of saying “Thanks”, I immediately go directly to “My friend knitted it herself, isn’t it awesome?” Because OMG, I have never been stopped by someone oogling my kid as much as this last month.

I even saw your MOTHER yesterday on the street, and let her coo over LB. So Thank you, thank you for your skilled work as a knitter and kind auntie. And also CURSE YOUR magic needles because LB won’t part with the hat for more than 2 seconds, and it now takes me over and hour to get my shopping done at Wal-Mart, as well as walk the measly 9 blocks of main street. hehehe. Cheers.


2 thoughts on “The Magic of the Pumpkin Hat”

  1. That means so much to me, thank you for sharing. It was so much fun and I am just looking for excuses to make something for LB (and A, JL please let me know what they would want for him!) Also very happy to slow down your day any way I can 😉


  2. Seriosly, she is adorable in it. I still have her pumpkin for her too and a couple of other things that I found while shopping (seriously could we dote on her more?)


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