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Set Back

As you may have noticed, my Pinon Terrace ticker has changed significantly. That’s because I got a call today informing me that the contractors and developers are not going to have the apartments ready for move-in until:

Booo HISSS. I hate anticlimax. Build-up and letdown. One more month with my mother 😦
Its going to be a long, cold trek with my belongings from Mancos to Durango at the end of November. To my friends who are helping me move….I’m sorry your fingers will be frozen to a point beyond recognition. I’m sorry we will have to brave (most definitely) snow and ice covered roads for 35+ miles.
Believe me, I will make it up to you.
Plus this gives me a whole extra month to plan the housewarming party. Any suggestions for the theme? It will be after Thanksgiving, so I guess no free turkey dinner for all of you. hehe.
I guess I should really just keep my fingers crossed that the date doesn’t get pushed back even further into the DEAD of winter.
Please. Please.Please.

2 thoughts on “Set Back”

  1. That really sucks. I will still help; we can brave the snows in my truck and test the four wheel drive. I can’t think of a good theme though, the only thing that comes to mind is Christmas and that’s not creative at all. Have fun. Love ya =)


  2. Sorry huny.

    Ack! I’ll be out of town. I’ll be happy to help when I get back (4-wheel drive suv’s rock!). You gotta wait for the housewarming though! Just one extra week…

    Theme…leftovers? (turkey, eh)…things we have waited too long for? (like a presidential election)…independence day? (hey, if they can start christmas in August, we can have July in December)


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